Monday, 31 August 2015

Punk Rave Gothic Clothing & Discount Code

Goths really rave about Punk Rave and the pun is intended here! This awesome Gothic brand uses high quality materials and they must have some awesome seamstresses at hand, that's for sure! No loose threads or bursting seams here! I love to wear their clothing for photo-shoots and special occasions but due to their versatility there are even “wearable” everyday pieces! Punk Rave has become really popular over the last few years, mainly because of their unique pieces but also because of their different stylistic genres. Regardless of your style preference, whether you prefer punk, Lolita, Gothic or Victorian clothing, Punk Rave has something for everyone.

 Lady Amaranth by Ethiriel - Theartre of Tragedy Coat

It has become somewhat difficult to find everyday alternative pieces, especially something one can wear casually or to school. Since the rise in popularity of the Gothic and Punk style over the last few years, mainstream brands and shops stocked up with a nice choice of clothing for the alternative people; however, most of these pieces are pretty basic. Punk Rave offers a refreshing twist and edge to these basic pieces!
Here are some options for everyday wear!

Bestia Slashed Gothic Top by Punk Rave – this lovely tank top can be worn with a simple black skirt or trousers! It can even be styled with a corset for evening occasions! It is also very comfortable.   Modelled by Dragonfly.

 Delirium Slashed Black Top by Punk Rave – how cool is this slashed top? For an effortless, everyday look! If you feel bored with your simple black top, this will spice up your school outfit for sure!

Destroyer Ripped Trousers by Punk Rave – awesome “punky” trousers that go wonderfully with either of the tops mentioned above!

Grey Gaze Gothic Top by Punk Rave – if you are more into the punk style, this awesome baggy top is the perfect choice! So comfortable to wear!

Metamorphosis Hoodie Top by Punk Rave – a super cute Gothic hoodie for the colder autumn weather!
Tristania Hooded Black Gothic Coat by Punk Rave – gorgeous long hoodie for the colder weather, made from soft cotton jersey.  Model Mahafsoun by Roya D.

Punk Rave does not only have lovely casual items, they are primarily known for their gorgeous Gothic and Victorian attire! The items are made from fine lace, velvet and mesh materials! Just be careful when choosing the right size for you since Asian sizes tend to be smaller than European sizes! 

Black Butterfly Top Dress by Punk Rave – this gorgeous dress can be worn either on its own or over tights/leggings! It is made from stretch black cotton and features lace panels at the shoulders! Perfect for layering as well!

Black Moth Gothic Top with Lace Sleeve by Punk Rave Рa beautiful Gothic top which comes with an attached choker-like adornment at the d̩collet̩! A corset can be worn over it for a more dramatic look!

Elegy Lace Gothic Dress by Punk Rave – made from gorgeous high-quality lace! A perfect choice for a Gothic prom or wedding!

Gardenia Black Lace Gothic Corset Dress by Punk Rave – definitely one of my favourite pieces from Punk Rave! This gorgeous dress is fit for any Gothic bride.

Her Secret World Long Gothic Dress by Punk Rave – a very flattering and elegant dress!

Memoir Noir Black Lace Dress by Punk Rave – a beautiful dress covered in lace and with an attached bolero!

Lady Macbeth by Sumea Sjenar

Embrace of the Grace Black Lace Gothic Top by Punk Rave – an enchanting Gothic blouse, ideal for the festival season due to the light material!  This versatile top can be worn alone, or wear a little vest underneath or an underbust corset over the top.

Fleur de Lys Black Lace Corseted Blouse by Punk Rave – lovely high-neck Gothic blouse! 

You cannot mention Punk Rave without mentioning their leggings! This is what caught my attention to the brand in the first place and if I´m not mistaken they started with a leggings collection! I have a few of their leggings and I´m absolutely in love with the quality. Most of them are very stretchy but still keep an eye out for that size chart!

And last, but not least, outerwear! Punk Rave has some awesome coat and bolero choices for the chilly weather coming ahead! Autumn is rapidly approaching, and if you like the colder weather as much as I do, you will love these! 

Theatre of Tragedy Gothic Dress Coat by Punk Rave – this awesome coat can be worn as a dress as well. Made from gorgeous damask polyester, it is the perfect choice for any Gothic fairy!

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