Monday, 19 June 2017

What to wear to a wedding

Weddings can be a little tricky sometimes. There’s all these rules about what to do and what to wear, and most importantly, what not to wear.  You’re not supposed to overshadow the bride, so no wearing white or cream, nothing that could resemble a wedding dress, and so on. But one of the rules that we also often see, and one which is heavily discussed these days is- don’t wear black to a wedding.
Like we said, tricky. Especially if, like ours, most of your closet is black. Lucky for us, this rule only exists in the very traditional weddings, and even there, the rules have been relaxed. And if it’s a goth wedding, well, anything goes!

However, the choice can still be complicated, and to help you out, we came up with 4 suggestions to give you ideas and to help you navigate the choppy waters of social etiquette.

You can never go wrong with a sleek long velvet dress. It’s elegant and flattering, and you can pair it with a ornate necklace without looking over the top, or like you’re trying too hard.

A retro inspired dress is always perfect to wear to a wedding. This one, however, has an interesting, rose petal inspired skirt giving it a unique look. We went overboard on the matching jewellery here, but we can’t resist the Claddagh design!

We freely admit to being in love with this black brocade dress. It’s beautiful and alluring without being too revealing, so you can wear it just about anywhere, and the rose pattern is just to die for.  You can’t really be too surprised we decided to include in our sets.

And as a last set, something for those weddings where black is not all that welcome.

This gorgeous black and red dress is festive enough, especially since red is a welcome colour at a wedding as it symbolises love and fertility.  

Nightmare Bathbomb - Silky

Model Silky
Nightmare Hexbomb Bathbomb

Lace Dream Part 1 - Silky

Model Silky
Lace gypsy top
Elizium Corset
Gabriella Overskirt
Zelda Petticoat