Friday, 26 July 2013

The Gothic Jewellery Box

If you are looking to add intricate designs and exquisite creations to your look then The Gothic Shop collection of necklaces, chokers, bracelets, earrings and brooches will give the wow-factor to your jewellery box this season.
The beauty of this Black Knight's Cross pendant is that it'll work with most outfits for a whole host of everyday occasions - from work, to play.

While this Black and White Pinstripe Angelique Pendant Gothic choker is perfect for adding the finishing touch to any outfit.

Make an enchanting statement by including a splash of  colour to your evening ensembles with this Emerald Green Lucretia Choker

If you prefer to adorn your ears with beautifully crafted jewels then these Red Rose Romantic Earrings ooze glamour, wear with a simple outfit for maximum impact.

Poison Ivy Alchemy Gothic Earrings with skull, leaf and swarovski pearls are perfect for working with this season's romantic goth looks.

In Nomini Patrie   'In the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost'; this amethyst crystal-mounted, Latin-inscribed bangle of the high church is effortlessly stylish and it's timeless design will see you through many season's to come.

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

It's all in the eyes: Contact lenses at The Gothic Shop

So you have everything sorted- the stunning dress and the accessories. Hair is important too, getting it right will be at the top of your list. Your sensational style is almost complete but there is just one more thing you will need to do.

The eyes are among the first things that one notices when meeting someone for the very first time. Although it might seem cliche to say that they are 'the windows to the soul' they really are. How would you like your soul to be portrayed? As well as prettying them up with make up why not try some alternative contact lenses? And we are not talking about the subtle hints designs that just add to your natural eye colour. Step out with robotic, wolf or serpent eyes for a deliciously decadent twist to your overall look.

Contact lenses make the best finishing touches for any style especially the designs at The Gothic Shop. Here are just a few from the fabulous collection!

Blackout Contact Lenses by Xtreme Eyez
There is something so titillatingly scary about not being able to see all the parts of an eye. The iris and the pupil for example are things that we instantly recognise when speaking to someone no matter how dark their natural colour eyes may be. But what if you can't see these? The darkest of eyes could hide a very dark soul indeed. What of the intentions of this dark eyed person? No one knows and that's the best bit! Freak out your nearest and dearest with a pair of blackout contact lenses from The Gothic Shop.

Robot Eye 3M Contact Lenses by Xtreme Eyez
A change from the sexy animal eyes are these Robot Eye 3M lenses. Each of the pair has the tiniest mechanical detail down to an art. Like the tiny stainless steel plates and laser dotted lights. The central red of these can be seen a mile off. Like the other contact lenses at The Gothic Shop these will make a style statement like no other. Wear alone or with dark eye liner to really bring your robotic lenses to life.  

Voldermort 3M Contact Lenses by Xtreme Eyez
These inspired contact lens design cover a whole range of characters. From 'He who must not be named' in the Harry Potter movies right to the Twilight films. Think Bella and Edward's deep amber vampire eyes. These striking red eyes will get you noticed where ever you decide to wear them.

Wolf Contact Lenses by Xtreme Eyez
Sticking with the Twilight theme take a look at these wolfish eyes. Show your love for all things Jacob with these striking yellow lenses. They will ensure that you are spotted a mile away! Deep dark pupils are enlarged and ready to pounce. For people who are a fan of wolves and all things natural and unnatural these are the contact lenses for you. 

No matter how dark your natural eye colour is, all of the contact lenses at The Gothic Shop are made to fit everyone. Dark eyes will not effect the vibrancy of any of these lenses, you are sure to make an impact with your eyes.