Monday, 3 August 2015

Lady Macbeth – Punk Rave "Ghost“ dress

Remember when you were a kid and you used to watch all those spooky Halloween movies with the scary children wandering around the corn fields in search of the next horror thrill? Well, the Ghost Dress by Punk Rave is probably the dress the girls wore! Not only is it made from crinkled fabric which reminds of ghastly ghouls wondering the cemeteries at midnight, it undeniably reminds of Gothic Lolitas! But these Lolitas are more than just cute! 

For all of us spooky gals out there, this dress is not only worn for Halloween or special occasions. The material is very light-weight making it perfect for summer and it is long enough so you don´t have to worry about showing too much. The neckline is very feminine and the cut isn´t too tight around the bust or sleeves! The dress has many lovely details; sadly, most of them can be only seen in real life because of the dark tones which don´t show up well on photos. The crinkled material is meant to be this way to add to the ghostly vibe, so you don´t have to worry about ironing it. It is adorned with lovely embellishments and features a lovely lace trim at the hem of the sleeves which can be tied at the back.

I wanted to do a paranormal, ghastly type of photo shoot with this dress with photographer Sumea Sjenar - Elusive Photography. Naturally not because of the title, but because it reminds me of all the lovely graveyard creatures one might meet whilst having a lovely stroll through the cemetery.  If you are into paranormal occurrences and ghost photography like me then you will know that all the ladies in the photos wear these type of dresses. It reminds me so much of the darker Victorian ages, especially the sleep attire. Since it is currently summer and boiling hot here in Bosnia where we did the photo shoot, we had to settle on some compromises. Cemeteries were not an option so we headed to a local site adorned with old monuments. Shading was not an option so the photos did turn out brighter than expected but overall we are very satisfied with the outcome!

I decided on white contact lenses for the extra spooky touch! The ones I wore on this specific occasion are from the brand Mesmereyez. I find these really comfortable to wear, even for someone who hasn´t had much experience with lenses. No outfit is complete without the perfect jewellery and you cannot go wrong with Alchemy Gothic. The set I wore is their “Catoptrauma” set, even the name is very fitting.

Hopefully sometime in the future, I will get to do that eerie graveyard photo shooting with this rad dress!  Be sure to follow me, Lady Macbeth, on facebook and instagram.