Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Cats and Bats at The Gothic Shop

There is something so fabulous about these little wild creatures. Both bats and cats can be found wandering the streets and forests at night. You can find bats nesting in woodlands, while those slinky black kitties are out on the prowl. In the past both of these creatures have had a really bad press- mainly being related to witchcraft as well as Nosferatu. Not forgetting the whole Ozzy Osbourne thing with the bat head!

But we love bats and cats!  They are actually some of the cutest creatures around. We love them so much that we have some great lines of clothing and accessories dedicated solely to these little beasties. Where would we be without our cats and bats at The Gothic Shop?  Here are some of our pieces that your furry dark animal friends will love!

Bat Cat Ladies top with mesh gloves
This top with gloves is absolutely perfect for the coming autumn. You still have the lightness of the t-shirt as well as a mesh covering as sleeves for all those cool fall evenings. Then there is of course that amazing cat bat motif against the moonlight. Deep and dark but also sumptuously cute too!

Black cats and moonlight just look lovely together, both are mystical and have an elegance about them that work well. Amalgamate your Gothic with a super practical item of clothing. The long sleeves make this top a great one for the autumn time. The low neck means that it is an ultra flattering one too! This lovely blue eyed kitty with it's flying bats and moon will be an awesome addition to your wardrobe.

You can make your bat style an elegant one with this scintillating hair clip by Restyle. It's silver tone colour is simple and stylish to do, it's set off with a bright red glass stone. Each of the facets on the blood red stone make the piece a glimmering one. The piece looks amazing with long hair, even for those with shorter locks, pin your hairpiece to a bun or even to a lapel of a coat.    

What better statement piece to be wearing this spooky season than a stretched out bat pendant? This highly detailed piece is the perfect necklace for the autumn. One really gets to see the true beauty of this night creature in it's full glory! The design is canny too as it sits in the most flattering place in the decolletage. It looks amazing with black but the silver colour will make it one that will work with almost every outfit in your wardrobe!

Jet Girl Batty Peepers eyeball bat dress by Sourpuss
What could be better than bats on a dress? Bats on a dress with eyeballs! Freakishly glamorous, this dress fits the figure beautifully. With an empire line waist and sexy neckline, this strappy dress is a must have for the coming season! Work it in the winter with some thicker glitter tights for a sensually seasonal twist to your Peepers eyeball dress. 

Whether it is cats, bats or both The Gothic Shop have a vast range of cute animal styled clothing!