Thursday, 8 December 2016

Gifts for Goths

This time we’re not preaching to the choir, as we usually do, but come to the aid of friends and family of fledgling and not so fledgling goths who want to get them that perfect gift, but are just lost as to what that perfect gift is!

Based on the flavour of your favourite goth, we’ve prepared four sets with gift ideas, tailored to suit their preferences. (And if you are that goth in question, you can always just show the sets to your family members and give them the right idea).

The first one we dubbed the Occult one, and it features all our favs from new companies with fresh, unique ideas and modern materials and designs. It’s the perfect gift for your pastel-haired darling!

The Victorian one is for your lover of elaborate Victorian mourning garb, tightly laced corsets and long velvet dresses.  We know that you can never have enough gloves capes and fans!

Quick, peek into your goth’s bathroom! How many cans of hair spray did you count? Do they moan about the 80’s scene and have a preference for torn fishnets? You might be dealing with an Old-school goth! You can’t go wrong with a bat-themed anything there, or with something from the pioneers of Gothic jewellery- Alchemy Gothic!

And of course we have something for all the creepy cute goths out there (do they still call them Perkygoths?)! Evil kitties and bat hair clips, eyeball bags and Atomic Lace, oh my!

Get a better peek at all our stuff over on Polyvore too! 

Ophelie Dress - Lady Macbeth

Ophelie Green Brocade Corset Dress by Burleska Corsets.
Collar, circlet: MysticThread
Lady Macbeth | Martina Spoljaric photography