Sunday, 24 February 2013

This Week at The Gothic Shop

This week we received a large shipment of Dark Star including the knitted tops which are ever so popular this time of year and various skirts in a variety of colours.  We also added some new handbags and pretty black lace gloves.

We also restocked a lot of Burleska including a number of their jackets and boleros and the mesh petticoats which can be worn alone or under dresses and skirts.  We added some more skirts, a pretty flocked burgundy dress and gorgeous black lace blouse. 

Saturday, 23 February 2013

These boots were made for walking!

There are a few different elements one needs when they are going for the Goth look. For those of you coming to it for the first time - the main thing that you need to learn is that it's not all about death and dying. In fact the Gothic look is possibly the most stylish looks around and can be incredibly sexy! Plus its a look that is only getting hotter day by day. Over the past few weeks we have seen fashion weeks in Berlin, New York, London and Milan. Gothic seems to have taken over the catwalks. We are going to see a lot more of all things dark as part of mainstream fashion over the next year and beyond.

Moschino at Milan Fashion week

To get that more sensual Goth look, the right shoes or boots are a must! Knee or thigh high boots must be fitted and feminine while also being tough. Us Gothic types love the look of the biker boot and many of us will have a few pairs stashed away in our wardrobes. But we at The Gothic Shop believe in quality above quantity, and a good pair of boots will get you through rain, sleet and snow.

Well made Gothic boots will last you a lifetime seeing you through the good times and the bad. You will be out in them practically everyday so they will need to be as tough and as hard wearing as you are. The Gothika-200 Demonia boots at The Gothic shop will do just that:

Inspired by all things 'Biker' with their metal buckles, laces and heels. The look has practical reasons too-they make these boots brilliant when it comes to a tailored fitting. There are not the usual problems that one can be faced with when they are trying on boots. For example the shoe fits fit but the calf part is too tight or loose. These Gothika boots give you the option to adjust exactly to your size. 

Take a closer look at the cube shaped heels, they measure a good three and a quarter inches. The rubber sole itself is a whole inch thick. You could do some serious damage with these boots (although we are not suggesting that you do!) There is no way that these babies are ever going to give out on you in the middle of the day- they are built to go the distance. The boots from Gothika are a good weight, so they will feel substantial when worn.  

But what about style wise? What will you wear them with? The answer to this is 'everything'! The beauty of the boots are that they are in one of the most versatile colors known to fashion. Black can be worn with absolutely anything and everything. Team it with Tartan's as well as the traditional darker colors  Don't hesitate to wear them with your floral summer dress this year for a fantastically quirky take on that Gothic-Rockabilly look! 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A hint of Gothic Glamour for all occassions

Whether its a romanitc meal with your loved one, or a night out with the girls, its the perfect excuse to spoil yourself. We have picked out a few fabulous styles to get you through the month, so go ahead and treat yourself....

Dramatic and glamourous this Black Victorian Corseted Dress is definitely one for a special night out. Team with a pair of of black high heels and an eye catching accessory like this Ventus Traction Bicycle Steampunk necklace.

If you love stripes we've got the perfect selection for you like this elegant Maya Bronze and Black
Stripe Steampunk Dress to make sure you stand out.

Alternatively go out in style with this Alice Black and White Gothlolita Dress and team either dress with stockings and your favourite shoes, we can't get enought of these Vampire Cord Lace Up platforms.

Dark and daring this Elvira Brocade & Lace fishtail skirt featuring a high waist and diamonte buckles will certainly add a sparkling dimension to your evening wear.

Visit for more.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Restyle & Sinister at The Gothic Shop

Last week we received a huge delivery of Restyle gothic jewellery and clothing, including more hairclips, earrings and a large variety of necklaces. We also received their unusual Dark Poetry handbag, a bag in the form of an ancient book printed with roses at the graveyard gate. We added the Queen of the Night prom skirt which includes a hooped petticoat and an adjustable layer of black satin trimmed with beautiful black lace. We've fallen in love with the Black Jaquard Satin Dress, perfect for a gothic wedding.

We also restocked Sinister clothing, gloves, chokers and handbags, as shown below.

Monday, 11 February 2013

15% off this Valentines

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Sunday, 10 February 2013

More Lace and Roses at The Gothic Shop

This week we received a shipment of Pentagramme clothing.  This included old favourites, plus gorgeous new additions to the website.  These include a pretty black lace cape, a flocked Romantic Rose fishtail dress and a stunning Romantic Rose corseted black lace fishtail skirt detailed with flocked black roses on silver brocade.

We also restocked loads of the Hell Bunny favourites including the Rock Dress, now available in white, red and green tartan, and the Petal Dress.  And we added the Aretha bolero which will be perfect for spring.

This week we also added the XtremeEyez contact lenses by MesmerEyez. These are available with a 1 day and 3 month lifespan in some pretty creepy colours including Bloody Red, Black Out and Assasin.

Keep an eye on our New Items page for loads more stunning items to come, including Restyle which is expected early this week.  You can also get 15% off your next order placed before midnight 12 February 2013 by entering the coupon code ROMANTIC15 at checkout.

Monday, 4 February 2013

An Injection of Romantic Goth

If you are dreaming of red roses and gazing at the stars,  then maybe its time to throw a little romance into your wardrobe.  It's not all about poetry and literature and dreams for RomantiGoths,  with some exquite inspiration from all things lace, velvet and medieval add some emotion to your attire.

Unleash your inner vamp with some of these gorgeous styles. Like this beautiful Renaissance pendant necklace made from elaborate silver and red crystals.

Ladylike and flowing,  this stunning Purple Clarisa Lace Fishtail skirt will look as though it was created just for your wardrobe.  This skirt can also be worn alone or as an overskirt to create a  Victorian-Gothic effect.

A personal favourite is the purple Velika Satin Laceup Fishtail Dress, the seductive style represents pure gothic glamour, with tiers of fine black mesh and trimmed with broad black lace, over a purple satin fishtail skirt. 

This Medieval Underbust Corset in red velvet has cord lacing and spiral bones to conform to your curves plus it keeps you strapped in and supported.  For the blouse try adding soft layers of frills for a feminine and sultry look.

Still looking for romance then visit for more sensual styles.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

This Week at The Gothic Shop

Yet again it's been a manic week at The Gothic Shop!  We restocked some Hearts & Roses dresses and jackets, and added the flocked halter mini dress in purple.

We also restocked loads of Banned handbags, leggings, cardis and tops, and added 2 gorgeous black cotton and lace blouses plus more bags.

Then we restocked Burleska corsets and clothing, and added more underbust corsets to the website.

Then just in time for the weekend we had a delivery of Restyle clothing and added more gorgeous blouses to the website.

Lastly, we have added gorgeous cameo necklaces by The Dark Attic to the website.

Use coupon code BLOG15 to get 15% off your order placed before midnight Tuesday 5th Feb 2013.
Use coupon code BLOGFEB to get 10% off your order placed in February 2013.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Death and the Gothic in fashion

Mourning jewellery from the Victorian era is thought to be the origins of the modern gothic look. While yes there is no doubt that it has been the most recent impetus for the look we all know and love today. The black elegant Victorian style dress, the mourning cameo jewellery, everything that one would associate with this alternative look.

But here is the interesting thing: these Gothic elements have been around for much longer- hundreds of years in fact. Human beings all over the world have been celebrating death through fashion. Take a look at some of the iconography that we use in alternative dressing and how it has been depicted in other parts of the world.

The human skull for example is a well known symbol of death. This has been the case for millennia.  This has been the case all over the world. Just take a look at some of the more exotic imagery and you will see how death has inspired not only fashion but all aspects of society.

Kali Mata in Hinduism is a fearsome
goddess of revenge and death

The imagery of Kali Mata is the perfect example of the connection of social iconography and the skull within various other sub cultures. The image of a vengeful female goddess wreaking revenge on those who have wronged her and other vulnerable victims is a popular one. You will find it in temples across Asia. As a result the skull is a powerful symbol of her power as she is known for wearing a garland of skulls around her neck.

You will also find skulls in other parts of Asia, Japan for example. During the 18th century, woodblock prints were at the height of fashion. There were some visually stunning prints depicting heroes of folklore or novels of the day. Here the skulls and the skeletons print on the hero's Kimono show brighter colours too. There is not the usual black that is normally associated with the modern day Gothic styles. There are bright sunshine yellows and blues against the skeleton prints and the pretty patterned Obi belt. All of these are so much a part of Japanese traditional costume as well as the Eastern symbols of the elaborate Japanese fan and iconic samurai sword.

A print from 1852 showing character Teranishi Kanshin
 wearing a robe decorated with skeletons

More recently we have seen skulls in haute couture fashion too. Designers have been taking notice of Gothic and skull iconography in all its various guises. Over the past month we have seen Berlin and Paris fashion weeks. Although black lace will always be on trend with the major fashion houses, Lena Hoschek decorated all her catwalk models with sugar skull face paints. Sugar skulls originate from the Mexican 'Day of the Dead' celebrations and have such obvious Gothic elements to them. However they have the added element of color  all things floral. The models have a playfulness to what many would normally associate with the grimness of  death and dying. Skulls and death in modern fashion look great there's no doubt about that, but they also subtly symbolize the fragility of life and the power death holds over us all. 

Lena Hoschek at Berlin Fashion Week January 2013