Monday, 31 December 2012

Over and Under The Corset

Throughout history the beloved corset has been an iconic piece of clothing, constantly evolving as fashion trends have emerged. Women from around the globe have used corsets to alter their appearance and create a fashion statement.

Still hugely popular in Gothic fashion the desired effect of corsets is to slim the body and give you a fashionable silhouette while emphasizing a voluptuous figure.

The Gothic Shop has a spectacular selection of overbust and underbust corsets and here are our a few of our favourites:

A gorgeous Black Satin Underbust Corset with steel-boning and metal clasp busk to the front, and elegant cord lacing up the back will give you a near perfect frame.

Check out our Black scroll brocade longlined underbust corset, this tightlacing waspie creates amazing shape, with brocade trim along the seams and black satin pleated frill along the lower edge for a feminine finish.

One corset we can't live without is this Burgundy-red Tafetta Silk Gothic Corset. It is steel-boned with black frill trimming around the top and bottom of the corset and a black ribbon bow. This breath-taking creation has silver clasps to the front and cord laced back with modesty panel.

We also adore this Dark Purple Taffeta Silk Gothic Corset with pleated black frill around the top and bottom of the corset and a delicate black ribbon bow. 

Or to complement a slightly fuller figure this Black Brocade Underbust Corset will show off your curves in all the right places, so grab it now while stocks last.

We have a huge selection of corsets available in stock click here for more.

*Reference made from Wikipedia History of the Corset

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

We'd like to thank all our customers for your continued support and would like to wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.  We'll be back at the store Thursday 27th and Friday 28th December so you can get your outfits delivered in time for New Year's Eve.  Use coupon code BLOGXMAS to get 15% off your order placed before midnight Thursday 27th December 2012.

Remember the Alt fashion 2012 Poll closes on Boxing Day. Thank you to all who have nominated us this and previous years.

*★Merry★*。•˚˚˛˚˛••★Christmas★ *。
☃˚╰☆╮ And a Happy New Year╰☆╮ ♥

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Get Stylish Gothic for 2013!

We love Christmas! But with all the sparkly lights and tinsel there is a hint of the bittersweet. Party season will soon be over so most of us will be making the most of those New Year's celebrations. We will all be back to the usual mundane reality. Going back to work in the still adverse weather conditions is not fun. However there are ways to overcome the doom and gloom. New Years could mean a new you! It's the time of year when so many of us flock to the gym in our droves and those hairdresser and beauty salon appointments are made. If there was ever a time to reassess ones look then now would be the time to do it! 
What are your style resolutions for the next twelve months? Want to be more stylish? Expressive? More fabulous than ever before? In that case the first stop to the new you has to be The Gothic Shop: 
Flowers and Skull bag by Loungefly
Sugar skulls are known for being bright, a celebration of all things deceased. But they do not always need to be bright, we love them as an understated style too! This stunner of a bag by Loungefly has the archetypal sugar skull motif with flowers for a subtle look. An alternative look that has accents of Baroque as well as the Gothic. The pretty gold embroidery really make this bag precious, you have the secure inner zipped compartments. The Flowers and Skull from Loungefly is the ideal work bag to be seen with.

Anahita Fur Trim Hooded Bolero By Necessary Evil
Getting the balance between looking hot and feeling great is not an easy one. Being in those figure hugging corsets may look seriously sexy but can take it's toll. Sometimes all we want to do is be comfortable, but why can't we have it both ways? The Gothic Shop stock pieces that help you do just this.

One of the pieces that I adore is the fur trimmed bolero style jacket. With the faux fur trim on the hood and sleeves, it's very Anna Karenina in an updated Gothic version. On a practical level you have the versatility of a longsleeve jacket, great for those unpredictable weather days when they happen. Layer with a t-shirt or an elegant long sleeved top for comfy chic in the blink of an eye!

Sofia Black Winter Coat with Fur Trim Hood 
Winter is set to continue for a good few months yet! With January and February predicted to be the iciest months in years. Investing in a coat that will protect you from the elements is a must. But it's not all about those giant over-sized shapeless coats. The Gothic Shop have a superb collection of the most figure flattering coats around. The Sofia Black Winter Coat has everything a good Gothic winter coat needs.Tailoring to die for and superb style. Take a look at the rest of the coats and fitted jackets for Victorian steampunk bustle's, tail-like designs as well as darkly Lolita looks!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Alchemy Gothic Earrings at The Gothic Shop

This image shows some of the best-selling earrings by Alchemy Gothic including the Dragon's Lure and Passion ear wraps and the ear cuffs featuring pentagram, skull & spider.

E193 Nidus, E194 Parler, E195 Cross, E196 Pentagram, E212 Coeur Noir, E223 Diamond Pall, E234 Temptation, E247 Chaosium, E255 Necacrosome, E257 Cesare's Veto, E263 Sylvanus, E274 The Dragon's Lure, E276 Rose of Passion, E278 Mortal Remains, E280 Impalare Cross, E287 Passion, E290 Ruthven Cross, E295 Torquemada Cross Tegere, E296 The Harvester, E303 Hornet's Nest, E307 Serpensis, E308 Serket, E309 Kraken

E264 Empress Eugenie, E271 Morror of the Soul, E272 Bleeding Heart, E273 Queen of the Night, E275 Vampretta Earstuds, E282 Black Sun Khepri, E285 Crux Angelicum, E286 Bestia Regalis, E289 Westenra Spica, E291 Dark Desires, E293 La Nuit, E297 Poison Ivy, E300 Coffin Drop Cameos, E301 Death's Head Butterfly Studs, E302 Chrysler Bat Cyrystal Studs, E306 Incy Studs, E310 Marie Antoinette, E311 Memento for a Highwayman.

E5 Double Axe Miniature, E9 Skeleton, E76 Death Studs, E130 Rose Thorn Cross, E139 Crystal Dagger, E168 Pentanoir, E169 Black Widow Studs, E175 Wyverex Dragon, E186 Batstuds, E221 Spike Cuff, E235 Ravenskull, E252 Matins, E256 Hang Man's Noose, E258 Razor Studs, E265 Raven's Eye, E279 Whitby Wyrn, E284 Nevermore Cross, E292 Diamond Crank Wheel, E305 Dragontine Stud.

Click here to find the entire collection of Alchemy Gothic that is currently in stock. All items are dispatched within 24 hours on weekdays.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Alt Fashion End of Year Poll

It's that time of year again, the Alt Fashion End of Year Poll.  This is your chance to vote for your favourite company, designer, shop, site and model, both locally in the UK, and Internationally.

We were thrilled to be voted best UK Site 2009 and 2010, and to be in the top 3 for 2011.  Thank you to everyone who voted for us then, and this time round too, it is much appreciated!  We're a small business, just me and my partner Neil.  Despite having 2 young children under 4 we're still managing to get 99% of all orders out within 24h (thanks to Neil) and I am the one who works until the early hours of the morning invoicing, adding posts to facebook etc.  So, we always appreciate all the great feedback we receive, and to be nominated in this poll.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Alchemy Gothic Necklaces & Chokers - Part 3

Part 3 showing more splendid Alchemy Gothic necklaces and pendants available at The Gothic Shop.

P577 Bestia Regalis
P580 Elementary Crux Angelicus
P583 Garden of Dark Desires
P584 Vpir
P585 Death of the Heart
P587 St Cyr's Delight
P589 The Last Caress
P590 Lisbeth's Kiss
P591 Venetial Mask of Death
P593 The Wastern Choker
P595 Ruthven Cross
P597 Om Strygia
P598 Kiss the Night
P599 Lucrezia's Poison Locket
P600 La Nuit
P601 Libra Negra Locket
P618 Osborne's Cross

Click here to find the entire collection of Alchemy Gothic that is currently in stock.  All items are dispatched within 24 hours on weekdays

Velvet for Goths

Velvet is a timeless favourite, a truely indulgent  fabric, plus its always been a Goth closet staple. Velvet is a versatile winter fabric to work into your evening wardrobe to give you a majestic feel. No texture can compare to this splendid textile which conjures up images of Historical Wealth, the mysterious  Lady of the Night and fabled Vampire stories.

We love this Long Black Velvet and Net Vampire Dress which is feminine and flattering with its black velvet bodice which is trimmed with brocade knots down the front, zips to the back and a high back which forms a vampire collar around the neck. The skirt is made from tiered very soft black ruched mesh trimmed with black lace, add a festive twist with a pair of statement earrings from Alchemy Gothic.

The Black Velvet Off Shoulder Fishtail Dress by Sinister is fast becoming a  desired object for pale-skinned temptress' seductions and we couldn't agree more when worn off the shoulder to show just enough flesh.  The fishtail skirt of the dress is short at the front and long at the back and trimmed with tulle mesh frill and black satin roses offer a hint of exposure.
This Jessica Velvet Gothic Dress offers a laidback, vintage inspired alternative by Spin Doctor. Its fitted  waist and gentle flare above the knee shows off all your curves.This little number has a stiffened scalloped neckline with off-shoulder sleeves and elasticated straps. (Available in Black, Red and Green)

If you are looking to add a little velvet to your usual attire then we have some beautifully crafted coats, our top picks are: this exquisite Lilianne Velvet Fishtail Hooded Coat by Sinister black velvet with loads of black brocade trimming and frog fastenings down the front. The hood is lined with grey-black satin and at the back is adjustable velvet ribbon lacing and velvet bows which are utterley spell-binding.

Or if you prefer something a little more straight laced, then our Victorian fitted velvet black gothic jacket with black lace trimming around the hem and  flared cuffs. The stunning and sexy corset style back has a thick black satin ribbon which is laced through silver D-rings.   This jacket is smartly tailored to fit perfectly and is made of the highest quality soft velvet.

We have a spectacular collection to suit every style so take a look at the entire range of Velvet items we have available.   Use coupon code velvet15 to get 15% off your order placed before midnight GMT Monday 17 December 2012.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Alchemy Gothic Necklaces & Chokers - Part 2

Following on from our previous blog, here are more Alchemy Gothic chokers and necklaces available at The Gothic Shop.

Click on the links below to find the item on the website. We do restock frequently so if your favourite item is out of stock please check again in a few days.

P602 Betrayal Cross
P605 Poison Ivy
P607 Sucre Vert Absinthe Spoon
P608 Coffin Drop Cameo
P609 Diamond Heart
P610 Black Romance
P627 St Johns Crystalbone Cross
P628 Caput Aves
P630 Bed of Blood Roses
P632 Jack's Tally
P633 Death's Head Butterfly Choker  

Click here to find the entire collection of Alchemy Gothic that is currently in stock.  All items are dispatched within 24 hours on weekdays.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Alchemy Gothic Necklaces & Chokers - Part 1

We have been fans of Alchemy Gothic for many years and have stocked their jewellery and giftware for the last 5 years. Our customers love Alchemy Gothic jewellery and gifts as much as we do and they are frequently chosen as beautiful presents for Yule, anniversaries and birthdays.  Here are some of the newest Alchemy Gothic necklaces and chokers, a splendid collection of darkly exotic and bizarre jewellery. Each item is skilfully handmade in English pewter in the UK by Alchemy's craftsmen.

Click on the links below to find the item on the website. We do restock frequently so if your favourite item is out of stock please check again in a few days.

P638 Tears of Grief
P639 Sovay Locket
P640 She Walks in Beauty
P641 Memento for a highwayman
P644 Marie Antoinette
P645 Deception Necklace
P646 Aqua Dragon
P647 Claustramris
P650 Chaosagram

Click here to find the entire collection of Alchemy Gothic that is currently in stock.  All items are dispatched within 24 hours on weekdays.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Giving the Gift of Gothic this Christmas

Like you need reminding but Christmas is upon us - yes the time of seasonal cheer, good will to all, shiny baubles and screeching kids singing Carols outside your front door. You will no doubt be frantically scouring the internet and stores looking for that perfect gift. If you haven't yet, now really is the time to do it as we only have two weeks left.  

We know that Father Christmas doesn't exist but if he did he would so be stocking up on goodies at The Gothic Shop! But alas, it's up to us mere mortals to make Christmas special for our loved ones this year! 

Gothic Girls: There is nothing better than receiving a well thought out gift at this time of year. Mums, Aunts, sisters, daughters, nieces and best girlfriends are all on the list - why not go down the alternative route instead of the usual soaps and hot patterned water bottles! 

For Mum: You could surprise her with a sexy little corseted number for her surprise night out? The Gothic Shop are experts when it comes to finding the perfect fitting corset for all figures! Just get in touch with us and find out just which of the massive range of corsets will suit your special lady's frame.  

Beautiful Burgundy Red Taffeta Lily Gothic Corset
That intricate piece of jewellery would be the perfect gift for your best friend, sister or niece. The range of earrings, necklaces/chokers and bracelets available at The Gothic Shop are created by experts to fit their wearer perfectly. One fab example is this earring. The perfect little stocking filler for the macabre maiden in your life. Fully equipped with skull and noose it's an excellent accessory to add to any girls collection! 

Hang Man's Noose by Alchemy Gothic 
Gothic Guys: We can't leave out the men in our lives, our fellas that love their Gothic glam just as much as we girls do! The Gothic Shop have an extensive collection of menswear and accessories to choose from. For your Gothic loving boyfriend or husband why not add a sexy little surprise to his wardrobe? This Bondage strap shirt comes fully equipped with 'D' rings as well as bondage straps to complete the saucy look. Stylish but oh so sexy! A must for all other halves.    

Bondage Strap Mens Black Cotton Short Sleeved shirt 
What about Brothers? Do you have a Nephew who is into all things stylish and dark? 
Look no further than the range Men's Gothic Trousers. If a Swiss army knife was an item of clothing, it would be this pair of trousers! The Green Circuit Baggy Black Cargo Trousers have zips so that they can be made into shorts as well as being worn full length. The ultimate pair to get the guys through summer and winter while looking ultra-cool at all times! 

Green Circuit Baggy Black Cargo Trousers.
Getting something for Dad or your favorite uncle is not always an easy task! Just what do you buy for the man who has everything?  A lovely stocking filler is a pair of The Gothic Shops Empire Spur Gear Cufflinks. An ideal gift idea for any mechanics in your family, it will add a little sparkle to their wrists with the Purple Crystal swarovski stone set in each. 

Empire Spur Gear Cufflinks by Alchamy Gothic 
Don't forget to get your orders in at The Gothic Shop now to ensure you have ready for Christmas! 

Gothic Gifts by Colour

Here's some gothic gifts ideas of items by colour including purple, blue, green & black.  Items available at The Gothic Shop.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Gothic Gift Guide

If the thought of festive shopping sends a shiver down your spine,  don't despair as these great gifts can all be ordered online in time for the special day. The Gothic Shop HQ is committed to helping you ensure that the right person's stocking is stuffed with the perfect prezzie.

For that special someone in your life you can never go wrong with a little black box. 

Check out our top jewellery suggestions:
This Tears of Grief necklace by Alchemy Gothic speaks a thousand words with the purple swarovski heart and black chains,  3 gothic crosses are suspended, each with its own purple crystal- Need we say more.

If you fancy something a little more dramatic take a look at our Queen of the Night necklace.
A choker might be more her style and we have two beautiful pieces that will certainly earn you some brownie points Black Swarovski Nightfall Lace Choker and Angelique Black Lace Choker with Pendant.

From  characterized salt and pepper shakers to a quirky tea towel here are a few gift ideas for your favourite foodie:

We love theses cute Skull Salt and Pepper Shakers,  and you can even get a Skull Sugar bowl too.  Or if you are looking for a stocking filler why not get a great stylish tea towel or a pair of themed oven gloves

If you need help finding the perfect present for the party animal in your life, here are some helpful gift ideas:

There is always someone who lives life to the fullest and the love it even more when booze is involved so we have this characteristic hand blown glass La Fee Absinthe Fairy Verte Green Tumbler  and Verte Absinthe Spoon  by Alchemy and for the morning after a little Skull pill box to keep the paracetamol.

Here's what to buy the fashion-obsessed friend on your list this season:

Our Black PVC gothic bag detailed with silver studs and black spiderweb lace on the flap and decorative buckle at the front, with a magnetic closure will make her grin ear to ear.

If you are heading out and about we have this sultry Black Lace Halter Dress , teamed with these ultra glam Sinister gloves screams sophistication.  

To keep cosy and warm this winter how about a show stopping coat like this Black Flocked Coat with Corset Lace to show your inner fashion goddess.

Finally For Him:

Blow your budget with this sexy Black Highwayman full length coat by Necessary Evil  or get him to dump the worn-out jeans for chain straps, zips and D-ring adorned bondage style trousers like this pair of Black Gothic Trousers with Pentagram.

Or even an accessory like this Alchemy Sure Shot Chain which features an array of pewter bullets flanked by black wooden beads on a leather necklace would grab his attention.

P.S  You can now add these items to your wish list and email it to anyone who may need a hint of what you're into.

For more ideas visit

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

10% off Alchemy Gothic ONE DAY ONLY

10% OFF all Alchemy Gothic jewellery and gifts for ONE DAY ONLY - Wednesday 28 November 2012 - but the offer starts now, an hour early :)

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Dragons at The Gothic Shop

Mythical beasts with magical powers seem to have been around since the dawn of time itself. The legends of old tell us about scaled dragon-like creatures who plagued local villages killing many an innocent. These huge serpent like animals that inhabited mysterious caves, coming out only to cause misery and mayhem!

The Dragons Lure RIGHT Ear Wrap Gothic Earring at The Gothic Shop: Suitable for one piercing. The metal piece wraps around most regular ear shapes. 
But did they ever truly exist and roam the lands getting up to all sorts of mischief, holding damsels to ransom?  Were there really sacrifices made to appease their raging appetites for human flesh and blood? Stories of these terrifying beasts and their antics are found in practically every culture all over the world: From the one hundred-headed sleepless serpent of ancient Greece who guarded the Golden Fleece to the Dragon of the Chinese zodiac, a beast that has always represented benevolence, wisdom and power.
Western European cultures have all too often depicted dragons as harbingers of evil and malice, winged and fire breathing beasts that are capable of wreaking great havoc over towns and cities. Until some hero would come along and slay the dragon- think the world famous legend of St George and the Dragon! So revered was he for slaying the terrible dragon that he became the patron saint of England!

Although these creatures have long been linked to the dark side they have also some very positive traits, for example they are loyal to their masters and will protect them to the death! Dragons have long been known to be guardians of their treasure no matter what it be: Who wouldn't want a faithful and powerful beast to protect them from their enemies? 

Coeur Sauvage Dragon Necklace by Alchemy Gothic 

With all this it's no surprise that our love for them has lasted through the ages: It's as strong now as it has ever been. Is it their sheer power? Their magical qualities? Their mischievous nature? How would you react if you happened to accidently cross the path of an angered dragon? Whatever you choose to believe there is no reason that you cannot bring Dragons into your everyday life! Along with all the magic and the mythology that they are so connected with!   

Imperial Dragon Gothic Watch 
The dragons discovered at The Gothic Shop are created to be just as individual as you are. Each of the creatures are perfectly formed, with each scale and tooth exquisitely made. We stock a range of Alchemy Gothic and Spiral Direct. Whether you are after a dragon earring to perch comfortably on one side encouraging you to do carry out bad deeds, or that very distinctive dragon statement pendant. The Gothic Shop have a huge variety of Gothic Dragons for you! Whichever one you choose be prepared: For who knows what chaos your magical beast will cause! 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Another Busy Week at The Gothic Shop

It's been another manic week dispatching orders and receiving and listing loads of new stock and old favourites.  To keep you updated, below are photos of all new items added and restocked this week.

Skirts and blouses by Pentagramme.

Bags, wallets and coin purses by Loungefly.

Loads of jewellery and giftware by Alchemy Gothic.

Clothing, chokers, gloves and handbags by Sinister.

Ladies clothing and men's trousers by Dead Threads.

Ladies clothing by Chicstar.

Ladies and gents gothic clothing by Necessary Evil.

We hope that you enjoy browsing our selection of gothic clothing.  If you're building your wishlists make use of the Add to Favourites button and then send the list of favourites to friends and family.  It makes their Christmas shopping easier and you get the items that you like, instead of ghastly unwanted gifts that people think a goth would want :)

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Bags & Jewels, we want something new too!

With the launch of two death, murder, kill games this week, I am sure I am not alone when I say I have become a Goth-Gamer's Widow to the Xbox. With my other half glued to the TV screen and taking every waking moment to indulge in his favourite past time of gaming, I am left alone and ignored until the novelty wears off.

So to rid myself of pity I have been purging through our Gothic Shop goodies as there is nothing like a bit of retail therapy to soothe the soul. Here are a few of my favourite finds:

Simple, sturdy and utterly stylish, you just can't go wrong with this totally gothtastic Spiral Direct wings and barbed broken heart bowling bag.

There's been an influx of skulled patterns on the high street in the last few months- but if you want to rock out then we suggest you splash out on this Gold Skull Bag by Lounge Fly

Our love of the purse bag has never waned, in a seductive burgundy hue and embossed pentagram this Alchemy bag should be added this to your wish list!

You could fit everything you need in this Stripy Purple and Black bag, it has compartments and zips everywhere and will simply fill you with Gothic Delight!
Also why not take a look at the awesome jewellery collection in our e-store,  here are a few that caught my eye.
The gorgeous Emerald Green Lucretia Choker is great for all skin tones and if you’re looking  to introduce some colour, this choker is the way forward.
I love this feminine, feline Hello Kitty Ballchain necklace as its girlie but cool!
You will shine  if you wear this  Alchemy Gothic She Walks in Beauty choker which features black onyx cabochon within an intricate two tone pewter setting etched with a delphic and lamentable line from the pen of the inimitable Lord Byron, but for whom...?  
If you can't get enough then visit for more inspiration.  And to make your shopping even more enjoyable use coupon code BAGSBLOG to get 15% off your order placed before midnight 20th November 2012. 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

More new items at The Gothic Shop

It's been a busy week with loads of deliveries of new items and old favourites.  We've listed more Snugbat cards, including their brand new Christmas gothic greetings cards which are selling already!  I love the purple bat with santa hat :)

We love the black lace gothic chokers by Dark Elegance Designs which we have sold on our website for almost 5 years, our customers love them too!  Thus we are so pleased to introduce this new design, named Lucretia.  It is made from gorgeous venise lace with a beautiful cabochon at the centre, detailed with chains and a cross at the centre.

We've restocked old favourites by Dark Star including their knitted cardigans and tops, boleros and men's gothic clothing.

We've restocked cardigans and bags by Banned, and added these brand new skull backpacks with working speakers as eyes!  Just plug into your iPod or MP3 player and listen to the best music whilst on the move!

Boleros, skirts, corsets and tops by Burleska have been restocked.  Our customers certainly love the lacy new additions.

Loads of Hell Bunny has been restocked and we've just added their Alphie Wolf Hat with combo scarf and gloves.  Also their zombie cardigan with green skeletal hands on the shoulders.  We've also restocked the Bridget top which has been ever so popular this winter, beautifully detailed with black lace.

For all email subscribers to this blog you can use coupon code LUCRETIA to get 20% off your order at The Gothic Shop.  This offer is valid on the 7th and 8th of November 2012 only.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

20% off the Alvira Dress by Sinister

For the month of November the beautiful Alvira Dress by Sinister has been reduced by 20%.  The price has been reduced from £105.50 to £83.60.  The dress is currently available in black and red, in sizes uk10-18.  This is a gorgeous gothic prom dress made from velvet and satin and the skirt covered with ruched floral black lace.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Lady Amaranth and The Gothic Wedding Dress

Like it needs to be said - the wedding dress is the gown of all gowns! Quite possibly the most influential and important outfit you will ever wear in your life if you do decide to go down the isle! Brides-to-be spend months, if not years fantasizing about that perfect dress for their big day and why not? It is so important to get it just right as all eyes will be on you!

The wedding dress is the centre piece of the wedding. The media speculation on what Kate Middleton wore on the all important wedding day last year was rife for months before. There were comparisons with the extravagance of Princess Di's wedding dress. A fantastic wedding dress will transcend the decades, the more extravagant the better! We have seen some amazing dresses in our time but check out this stunning Black Gothic Wedding Dress from Sinister.

As our regulars will know The Gothic Shop likes to stock a good range of Sinister, a brand that is the epitome of the Gothic style. They are a brand that are certainly not shy when it comes to creating some real stunning statement pieces.

The amazing photographs of Lady Amaranth taken by Mark Perry Photography speak volumes for themselves! This hauntingly beautiful Black Gothic Wedding Dress by Sinister is made from over 90 metres of black lace combined with black taffeta, mesh and velvet! There is an air of fantasy and dark romance about this gown, perfect for any autumnal or winter wedding. The structured bodice has everything Victorian about that Gothic look. Designed to create that archetypal feminine hourglass figure, the corset style top adds shape to more bustier bodies and curves to those with slender frames. The very intricate detailing on the centre panels and seams only add to the whole effect.

All this culminates in the large eye catching tulle style skirt with train feature. The metres of black mesh sit underneath the lace and taffeta frills and bring gothic glamour to the whole ensemble. The only way to wear this dress is with the addition of a hooped petticoat, this will give you a full skirted effect just perfect for any Gothic wedding.

The Black Gothic Wedding Dress from Sinister is certainly one to turn heads, it's alluringly beautiful, feminine and everything a darkly decadent wedding dress should be!