Saturday, 5 September 2015

Shrugs and Boleros at The Gothic Shop

I don't know about you but whenever September arrives I feel that Autumn is just around the corner! No matter that we need to wait another month, it is time to stock up on shrugs and boleros of all sorts for the chilly weather! No matter if you need something simple to keep you warm or something fancy for a night out or formal occasion, there is a big selection to choose from. Some might opt for cosy knit boleros while others prefer lace or velvet.

 Lady Calypso wears the Noirelien Bolero, Earrings by The Black Cat Jewellery Store.

October is the month of Halloween meaning extravagant and unusual shrugs are a must as an addition to any spooky costume! Whether you want to wear a costume or just your typical Gothic regalia, an elegant shrug really spices up a simple dress or outfit, especially one with no sleeves.

Velvet and knit boleros
Even in Southern Europe we are having chilly weather at the moment. This means bringing back those warm knit boleros to pair up with my favourite tanks!  Not cool enough for a sweater yet not warm enough to be sleeveless! It is a toughy if you are not so much into layering. However, these boleros are so comfortable and cosy you will not want to take them off, I promise!

Black Gothic Rayon Knit Cardigan Bolero by Dark Star
You simply cannot go wrong here! This bolero is made from soft knit rayon and comes in onesize fits all! No worrying about whether it will fit right! The sleeves are flared and it can be tied at the bust for a snug fit! I would wear this with a black sleeveless maxi dress for a lovely witchy look!

Black Knit Bolero by Banned
One of my favourite England-based brands! Not only do they do a lovely job with their designs, they also use good quality fabrics. This one will not shrink after one wash! Made from a mix of spandex, rayon and polyamide. It features ribbed cuffs for a snug fit around the wrists.

Noirelien Black Velvet Bolero by Punk Rave
This stunning piece lacks no detail. That is for sure! It is made from high-quality black velvet and trimmed with flag lace. It features a high-neck with frog fastening. Perfect for any formal occasion or simply as a dose of extra "Gothi-ness" to any outfit.

Velvet Bolero Shrug by Restyle
One of my favourite pieces from the highly popular Poland-based Gothic brand Restyle! Made from black velvet and adorned with two gorgeous claps at the neck. The shoulders are slighted puffed creating that wonderful Victorian-feel. Goes beautifully with a long skirt and corset.

Lace Boleros
Whether you like short or longsleeves, ruched or puffed... flared or trimmed... we have the perfect choice for you. No other style comes in so many varieties as the lace bolero! Whether it is worn over a simple black dress or Victorian attire, it instantly spices up the outfit!

Black Lace Gothic Blouse Bolero
This beautiful lace bolero is by the brand Dark Star. They are known for their Gothy and hippy designs. This bolero fits both descriptions. It is made from stretchy floral lace and ties up at the bust for a snug fit. The most beautiful details of this bolero are the witch-like, flared cuffs.

Black Lace Longsleeve Bolero by Banned
A perfect mix of elegance and casuality. It is made from rayon knit sleeves and can be tied at the neck. The neck and bust panels are made from sheer black lace.

Exquisite Black Lace Longsleeve Shrug
The name says it all! Made from the English brand Lindy Bop who are known for their Rockabilly and Pinup designs, this gorgeous shrug is made from lovely floral lace and goes with- you named it- everything!

Black Lace Short Bolero Shrug
A super cute short-sleeved shrug made entirely from black floral lace. By the brand Dark Star!

Unusual Shrugs and Boleros
I know, I know... some of these will make you wonder whether you should wear them around your neck, head or waist? And you would not be wrong since some of them do need to be tied both around the neck and waist! Some need adjusting around the shoulder area, some have dangly beads that go around your arms! Exquisite craftsmanship and extravagant designs are key factors of these rather unusual but still stunning pieces! If you feel you have nowhere to wear these, do not forget that Halloween is near... maybe for the perfect Vampire queen ensemble?

Feather and Black Lace Shrug by RQBL
I own this shrug. Did I wear it out? Yes, yes I did. Will I wear it for Halloween? Yes, yes I will! Pictures cannot do this piece justice! I feel like a Disney villain in this. It is not only made from a gorgeous lace and mesh combo, it has black feathers! Yes, black feathers! If there was such a thing as a Raven queen, she would probably be wearing this on a daily basis. The feathers create a high-neck and close with a beautiful button at the front. They are very soft and do not scratch. The shoulders are puffed and also adorned with black feathers.

Vintage Lace and Feather Shrug by RQBL
RQBL really cannot get enough of black feathers, it seems. But neither can we! This does look more like a choker rather than a shrug, I know, but it is indeed a shrug :) The high neck and shoulders are adorned with feathers. A long crochet panel with white beads drips from the neck down. Gorgeous black bead "necklaces" go around the arms. I would wear this with a simple black tank and corset!

Mephisto Choker Bolero by Punk Rave
This unusual piece consists of a choker with corset lacing that is attached to puffy black mesh shoulders. The straps are lined with tiny black beads. Goes perfectly with a strappy dress!

Hannibal Harness by Punk Rave
I kept the cherry for the top, of course! This piece is perfect for any Steampunk outfit. It is made from black leather with a washed effect. It features a crescent hook clip at the front of the choker and straps around the arms with attached silver-tone chains! The straps on the collar  and around the waist are adjustable!

Which one is your favourite? 

Author: Lady Macbeth