Saturday, 23 February 2013

These boots were made for walking!

There are a few different elements one needs when they are going for the Goth look. For those of you coming to it for the first time - the main thing that you need to learn is that it's not all about death and dying. In fact the Gothic look is possibly the most stylish looks around and can be incredibly sexy! Plus its a look that is only getting hotter day by day. Over the past few weeks we have seen fashion weeks in Berlin, New York, London and Milan. Gothic seems to have taken over the catwalks. We are going to see a lot more of all things dark as part of mainstream fashion over the next year and beyond.

Moschino at Milan Fashion week

To get that more sensual Goth look, the right shoes or boots are a must! Knee or thigh high boots must be fitted and feminine while also being tough. Us Gothic types love the look of the biker boot and many of us will have a few pairs stashed away in our wardrobes. But we at The Gothic Shop believe in quality above quantity, and a good pair of boots will get you through rain, sleet and snow.

Well made Gothic boots will last you a lifetime seeing you through the good times and the bad. You will be out in them practically everyday so they will need to be as tough and as hard wearing as you are. The Gothika-200 Demonia boots at The Gothic shop will do just that:

Inspired by all things 'Biker' with their metal buckles, laces and heels. The look has practical reasons too-they make these boots brilliant when it comes to a tailored fitting. There are not the usual problems that one can be faced with when they are trying on boots. For example the shoe fits fit but the calf part is too tight or loose. These Gothika boots give you the option to adjust exactly to your size. 

Take a closer look at the cube shaped heels, they measure a good three and a quarter inches. The rubber sole itself is a whole inch thick. You could do some serious damage with these boots (although we are not suggesting that you do!) There is no way that these babies are ever going to give out on you in the middle of the day- they are built to go the distance. The boots from Gothika are a good weight, so they will feel substantial when worn.  

But what about style wise? What will you wear them with? The answer to this is 'everything'! The beauty of the boots are that they are in one of the most versatile colors known to fashion. Black can be worn with absolutely anything and everything. Team it with Tartan's as well as the traditional darker colors  Don't hesitate to wear them with your floral summer dress this year for a fantastically quirky take on that Gothic-Rockabilly look!