Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Gothic Bride

Every girl dreams of that special day when she will be joined in eternal unity with the one she loves! At least that is the idea behind a wedding, right? However, that day would not be perfect without a glorious outfit which will make the bride look like a true princess! But what if this girl is a Gothic soul who wishes to adorn herself in black lace and velvet for her big day? As odd as it might seem, white does not have to be the staple colour when choosing a wedding dress. Especially for all the alternative ladies out there! 

Lady Macbeth wears the Fleur de Lys Blouse by Punk Rave, Sumea Sjenar

If you love the Gothic fashion style as much as I do, then you would be definitely choosing a darker colour for your wedding dress! This doesn't necessarily mean choosing a black dress! Whether it is an all-black ensemble or features hues of jewel tones, a Gothic bride always looks glamorous! 

Let's start with the basics! Choosing the perfect outfit for your special day can prove to be an arduous task. Should it be long, should it be short? What style should the skirt be? Shall I go for the lace crinoline or the flocked mermaid skirt? Decisions, decisions..
While some of these options can get pretty expensive, there are great wallet-friendly options to choose from amongst today's Gothic brands and designers. For all the ladies who prefer that flamboyant Victorian elegance, there is a variety of options to choose from if you want to layer your outfit:

1) Sinister - this lovely Gothic brand is a favourite among Gothic brides. No surprise here since their clothing is mostly made of luxurious velvet and lace. They have various crinoline styles to choose from and full-length skirts to wear over them. Every skirt they make comes in a matching top! Finish the look with a simple black or coloured corset and you have the perfect wedding dress! If you are not a fan of crinolines, but would love a bit of extra volume in your skirt, you can always add a tulle petticoat underneath. 

2) Burleska - great quality and very affordable! They cater to every Gothic bride's needs. From huge bustle skirts to lacy tops, they have it all! Burleska even has a range of Gothic corsets which can be paired with their tops and skirts for the perfect wedding ensemble. 

3) RQ-BL and Punk Rave - high quality and exquisite tailoring is what comes to mind when I think of these brands. Though on the pricier side, they are well worth every penny. They use high quality materials, no bursting seams or cheap lace here! If you are a bride who prefers a bit of an "edge" to her wedding attire, look no further!

Certain Gothic brides prefer a more toned-down look, think Morticia Addams! Mermaid skirts and lace blouses are the way to go! They can be paired with corsets and simple fascinators or weddings veils! 

For those who prefer wearing a dress rather than a layered outfit, it can get a bit tricky. Gothic brides love statement pieces and simple elegance! This can sometimes be a bit harder to come by; however, I have found sound gorgeous dresses that would be perfect for this occasion. 

Naturally, no Gothic bride would be complete without the perfect accessories! While some prefer to go all the way and adorn themselves with Gothic veils and hats, others tend to wear simple hair adornments, fascinators or headbands. Matching jewelry is a must, and my choice of bridal jewelry would always be Alchemy Gothic! However, there are also gorgeous choices from various Gothic brands who offer unique and handmade jewelry such as Rosalyn GothicJewelry, Dark Elegance Designs, Vilindery and The Black Cat Jewellery store!

Sinister offers a huge range of Gothic veils, ranging from short and frilly tulle veils to long mesh veils adorned with black roses! RQ-BL has beautiful hair decorations as well such as the Bird Cage Red Rose Fascinato.