Sunday, 2 August 2015

Lady Macbeth – Sinister “Wren” and “Arnela” dresses

These gorgeous velvet dreams of dresses by the Gothic brand Sinister are probably something the real Lady Macbeth would approve of! If I could describe Sinister dresses in three words it would be: Flamboyant Gothic Glamour! The Dutch brand Sinister has been around for well over a decade and has provided Gothic ladies with the most stunning pieces of clothing. Considering how difficult it is to find pieces such as these, Sinister presents new designs twice annually! Certain pieces have been available through the entire decade of their existence thus proving their high quality and popular design.

It may seem a bit unrealistic for me to praise Sinister so highly considering I have modelled for them, but I have been a fan and customer from the start, long before I came into alternative modelling. The Steampunk and Industrial era has taken over the Gothic subculture, and do not get me wrong, I adore these styles but simple Gothic elegance has been neglected. Luckily, Sinister caters for the ladies who love a more elegant feel and design in their wardrobe. The high quality lace, velvet, mesh and satin materials which are used are an extra plus. Sadly, a lot of companies spice up the price tag but lack in quality. 

The dresses I will mention today are two of my personal favourites! Disclaimer: One of the dresses was owned and purchased by me, while the other has been gifted to me for a photoshoot by the lovely Sinister and Gothic Shop UK team. Thank you ladies!

The first dress is known as the “Arnela” dress and thank you, Julia, I am honoured :)

The details on this dress are simply stunning and what I love about it is that you can easily wear a hoop skirt or petticoat underneath for extra volume or an underbust corset over it to create another stunning look. Most of the Sinister pieces are designed for layering and are extremely versatile.  It reminds me of Aristocrat Victorians with its lovely lace panels and lace detailing at the bust. The ribbon at the front can be adjusted for a snug fit thus creating a lovely décolleté! 

The second dress I will mention is perfect for any mermaid enthusiast! :D Simply because it reminds me of these wonderful sea creatures because of its flattering shape. 

The “Wren” dress has a fitted bodice with adjustable corset lacing at the front and a glamorous skirt! The skirt is snug up to the knees and flares thereafter in a lovely full circle. This part is adorned with mesh and velvet ribbons.  It is lined with satin so you do not have to worry about the material being uncomfortable on your skin. The mesh is very soft anyways. Personally, I would wear this everywhere! From a night out to a fancy dinner or wedding. It is not as flamboyant or unpractical as some designs because of its snug fit! Pair it with a lovely velvet jacket or mini cape and you are ready to be fabulous!