Thursday, 30 August 2012

Men In Goth

Swap plain black tees for rock metal style with these bad boys from Spiral Direct or for something slightly more punk rock try these limited edition Barmetal creations.  Dump your worn-out jeans for chain straps, zips and D-ring adorned bondage style trousers (which sneakily convert to shorts with concealed zips on the legs).  Our favourite pick are from Dead Threads which are the perfect wardrobe must-have for the morning after the night before.
This time of year, as the weather transitions slowly toward Autumn, the timeless black coat makes a fast comeback to everday attire. There’s something sexy about a trench coat. Maybe it’s the historical shape, or the military affiliations, or the straps and buckles.  Whatever it is, its just carnal. It’s hard for a guy to look bad in a well designed fitted coat.  

This  Twill black highwayman full length coat by Necessary Evil is one of my favorites because it’s fully lined, has a  hood and gives a  slim overall shape and will obviously keep you warm (the practical bit) .  With Whitby Weekend, Halloween and colder nights all creeping in  its time to create your own unique style.

So get your Goth on with a little help from us here at  The Gothic Shop

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Black to Basics

A black lace dress should be a staple for every style savvy Goth. This Spiral Direct off the shoulder with long sleeves is a great place to start. The delicate black flower detail and scooped back give a seductive and feminine appeal. Mix tough and sexy with snakeskin, leather or slashed leggings

Accessorise with Alchemy Gothic Mirror of the Soul earrings with a skull embedded within a purple enamel heart suspended below a purple teardrop to add just the right amount of romance.  The opulant black velvet HalfMoon Gothic Bag by Sinister trimmed with black lace, braid and fleur de lys charms oozes luxury and elegance.
Whether its a night out with friends, watching your favoruite band or planning for Whitby Weekend, black lace and leather scream wardrobe essential!  
Create your own look now

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Zombies are not just for Halloween!

Forget Fifty Shades of Grey! It's all about the Gothic, and it's been evolving with so many other aspects of alternative fashion. The gory part of Gothic has come into its own, being more accepted, like that naughty child that has finally been accepted. But we are not bothered about that, choosing to be stylishly alternative means being different and that's what we love about it: The chance to be totally creative with your look. There are many variations that you can play with, Psychobilly, Steampunk and yes Zombie. It's all about the glam gore and beautiful blood! There are no handsome vampires here who will make a neat job of draining you dry! Think a mixture of Rocky Horror with rotting flesh, cleavers out at the ready for Zombies.
For those of you who are coming to this style for the first time there is no place better to start than Kreepsville 666. For all things undead, Kreepsville 666 give you the chance to get in touch with your inner zombie. The great selection at The Gothic Shop make it perfect to be one all year round and not just for Halloween!
Red Tunic Dress with Black Skeleton £29.50
Speaking of 'Inspired', the Kreepsville Skeleton dresses are proving to be a big hit with all of us kids! Made from ultra-figure flattering fabrics, the wearer will be cute, creepy and cool at the same time! The life-like skeleton print on the front of the dress is elegant with every bone in it's right place: Perfect for those with X-Ray vision (and others that wish they had it!)

Are you the kind of gal who wants to shout out about her love for zombies? (And any other beast that should be dead but isn't?) Well Kreepsville 666 has the ultimate answer with their freaky and fabulous range of t-shirts. These gorgeous tops feature not only zombies but also skulls, blood, guts and gore, basically anything you can think of! You will be able to express yourself in true undead style with Kreepsville's range of beautifully illustrated t-shirts and beaters at The Gothic Shop.

Heart Zombie Ladies Beater £19.50
 We all know that Gothic Girls like their bling: so take a look at the Kreepsville 666 collection of axecellent accessories! Something a little different to the normal understated and 'pretty' jewellery found all over the high street. We say 'Why be subtle'? Bright Green and covered in diamante's this fab Zombie necklace will inject some serious gothic glam to your gore! A pretty addition to any night time outfit, or even when worn during the day and make it known where your freaky fashion loyalties lie!

Green Diamante Zombie Necklace  £12.50

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Another shipment of Sinister gothic clothing and handbags arrived today including my favourite, the Zella dress (4th in the image).  This is now available in red, black, copper and purple tafetta, combined with lush black velvet and fine mesh.  It is beautiful worn alone as it has such a flattering witchy skirt, but it also looks spectacular when worn with a petticoat.  Below I wore this dress to a Celebration Ball (poor quality mobile phone pic).  I wore the Zella Dress with a long black petticoat, a lacy top underneath and a purple Angelique necklace by Dark Elegance Designs.  I had a wonderful evening :)

Sinister also have a large range of gothic chokers and handbags, perfect as a gothic gift for a dear friend or partner.  Take a look here.

Monday, 13 August 2012


We love Sourpuss and today we were really pleased to receive more gothic giftware from them.  Their kitchen sets and towels are really popular gifts, printed with skulls, cats and freaky bats!  I particularly like the Skulls in Love kitchen set, not only is it practical with pot holder and oven glove, but it is printed with the male and female sugar skulls in love, complete with top hats and ribbon bows.  This set and the matching Skulls in Love tea towel are perfect gifts for the gothic bride and groom.  And whilst we're talking about skulls we love the Sugarskull Salt and Pepper shakers and little cushions to scatter around your lounge or bedroom.  New to the website are the green Monster Friends shakers, creepy but cute!  Sourpuss also have a unique range of shower curtains which some customers have purchased to use in change rooms of alternative clothing stores or in tattoo parlours.  Of course Sourpuss not only sell gothic gifts, but also have a large selection of gothic clothing, the most popular being their Noctural bats t-shirt and tube top, and Leopard Mesh Dainty top and dress.  There's something for everyone, so take a peek here.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Gothic Wedding at The Gothic Shop

If you're planning a gothic wedding or just like to look breathtakingly beautiful then visit the blog below to find a stunning collection of items available at The Gothic Shop

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sinister at the Gothic Shop

A fab range of clothing that are intricately Gothic to the very core, Sinister’s style is deliciously decadent and visibly stunning. Although Gothic, it’s very feminine with strong Steampunk accents to the collection. Each dress is designed to be figure flattering and pretty but in a very dark way. Just the sort of thing we love here at The Gothic Shop. We stock an exclusive range of Sinister clothing and accessories. Here are just a few examples of what we have on offer:

Red Satin Ribbon Lace up Fishtail Dress by Sinister £87.50

We absolutely adore this blood red fishtailed dress at the Gothic Shop which is modelled by Maria Amanda. It’s one of our favourites here at the Gothic Shop. Lavish and fun both at the same time, it a perfect dress for any alternative prom, team with an elegant choker and pair of heels and you are good to go! Stunningly effortless with its perfect tailoring this dress will turn heads! We stock several fantastic Sinister dresses at The Gothic Shop.

Black organza and lace cuffs with black bows £14.50

Small details and accessorising are all-important when it comes to perfecting your outfit. Sinister do some fab accessories, we love the new wrist wear available at the Gothic Shop, worn here by model Joan V. This lacy wrist piece can be worn every day for added Victoriana Gothic. Or great as a part of an evening outfit- make a statement without making too much fuss! Can be worn alone or added to the cuffs of your full sleeved blouse.

Red Satin & Black Velvet Underbust Corset by Sinister £34.50

We are crushing on this Underbust corset worn by Dark Morte. Perfect when worn with a loose lacy blouse and full length maxi skirt- There is some real Kate Beckinsale Underworld style going on here! Sexy, figure flattering and a perfect addition to any Vampire hunter’s wardrobe!

Check out the superb selection of new items by Sinister at The Gothic Shop!

Guest post by Hema Rishi

Friday, 3 August 2012

The Gothic Shop at the Movies!

Just what is it about Gothic fashion that is so appealing to the Film Industry? Basically everything! For a start it’s mysterious, individual and unique. Think of Kate Beckinsale’s fantastic corseted outfits in the Underworld movies: Fitted and figure fabulous- you can’t go wrong! But there’s so much more, it’s about elves, goblins, vampires, werewolves the list is endless- whatever fantastical beasts and beings Hollywood can dream up there will be a Gothic style that fits it!

Those of us who rock the Gothic look are some of the most creative people around, we have a fashion licence to look fabulous and stand out. No we are not talking about a crowd of Marilyn Manson lookalikey’s. Gothic glam is just that- it’s ultra-glamorous! Whether it’s Gothic with elements of Steampunk, Cyber Punks, Neo Punks, Rockabilly, one has total artistic license. Teaming that lavish alternative ballgown with a utility belt, or neon hued skull jewellery- it can be fantastically quirky and most importantly very dramatic: These characteristics all make Gothic style a perfect one to be used in the movies!

Hollywood has had a love affair with the Gothic since forever: Donny Darko, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, TimBurton’s The Corpse Bride along with a Nightmare Before Christmas, the Twilight and HellBoy movies are all-time Gothic greats! And the dark love affair shows no signs of ever fading. One example of this is the well-known fairy tale given a new lease of life in Snow White and the Huntsman. With Kristen Stewart in the leading role, the movie also stars Charlize Theron as the evil queen. Despite Theron’s golden locks and winning LA smile, she manages to pull off the role of a darkly disturbed queen very well. We see her in Corsets, Long flowing gothic outfits, severely spiked crowns: Everything is fitted and figure flattering and she epitomises the dastardly evil queen perfectly!

Both Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart worked Black Goth-inspired evening gowns to the premier of the movie in London’s Leicester Square: Kristen wore a sheer and black lace number with the beginnings of a train designed by Marchesa. Charlize wore a black and very sheer Christian Dior gown so obviously inspired by the beautifully grotesque! Both dresses are a sign that the big name designer houses are sitting up and paying attention to Gothic fashion.

On the small screen you can find inspiration for your wardrobe from the more modern neo- gothic Vampire Diaries and True Blood. One will notice a modern twist to the Victorian Goth look- however there are still very strong accents of the dark there. Lustful vampires wearing skin tight leather and getting up to all sorts of sexual Shenanigans is definitely a different take on Gothic fashion- But just as exciting!

There is no denying the fact that the TV and film industry are constantly experimenting with fashions ‘dark side’. Alternative style as a result has been given more than its fifteen minutes of fame; we look forwards to seeing the evolution of Gothic fashion on the big screen...

Guest Post By Hema Rishi


Hot off the press!!  Sinister has just released a photograph of their brand new Wedding Dress which will be available for pre-order very soon at The Gothic Shop. The gothic wedding dress is made from over 90 metres of black lace combined with metres of tafetta, mesh and velvet.   It is absolutely stunning!!  Please contact us via the website or comment here to express your interest in this dress if it's your plan to be the most beautiful gothic bride ever!   This dress is a definitive must have for all Sinister addicts out there! To view more beautiful dresses by Sinister please click here.