Saturday, 27 October 2012

Grab onto your Ghoulies with Sexy Gothic at Halloween!

One of the best things about the Gothic style is that it is just so alluring unlike a lot of fashion (Cringes at the thought of over sized t-shirts on waif-like figures in fashion magazines.) The Gothic Shop caters for girls and guys of all sizes, looks fabulous and especially sexy- we are talking curve enhancing corsets and tailoring to suit you. 

Only days away from the 31st of October or All Hallows Eve, there couldn't be a better time to show off your seriously sexy style! With some of the most figure flattering items, The Gothic Shop's effortlessly elegant clothing and accessories are just what you need to truly express your spooky but very sensual side this Halloween!   

Victoriana: One of the hottest alternative styles around at the moment, Gothic Steam punk is officially very on trend for this Halloween! There's nothing more sensational than a top hat inspired fascinator worn with lavish Victorian inspired gown! Why not mix it up with a little bit of zombie and biker chic thrown in for good measure? There you have the perfect recipe for the most individual style around. One of the newest additions to The Gothic Shop website is this Black Slash long sleeve bolero with Ribbon Lacing. The instantly recognizable Victorian influence this lace edged jacket is perfect to spruce up that corset. It's a little bit Victoriana, a little bit rock and a whole lot of cool! One of the many decadent Steam punk pieces available. 

Black Sash Longsleeve Bolero with Ribbon Lacing £29.50
Military Style: There are some trends that easily cross the boundaries between mainstream and alternative fashion because they are just so cool! That military look is one such style-it is even more popular with the rise of vintage 1940's fashion too so satisfies all the categories. It couldn't be easier to bring soldier style to your Gothic outfit this Halloween with this military look coat available at The Gothic Shop: 

Black Cotton Fitted Military Coat with Brocade Trim £39.95

There are many army style coats on the market this season, but finding the right one can be tricky. So many are clumpy and may not give you the fit that you are after. However the Black Cotton Fitted Military Coat with Brocade trim is the perfect balance of elegance with all things army. Wear with absolutely any Halloween costume on the 31st of October- this coat will see you well into the deepest darkest months beyond All Hallows Eve. On top of the pretty Nehru collar, attractive embroidered military buttons and the flared out bottom half, there is also the lace up back feature. Tighten or loosen to your requirements, you are sure to get the most flattering fit ever.   

Red Satin Ribbon Lace Up Fishtail Dress by Sinister £87.50
Full on sexy: You just can't get better than the Red Satin Ribbon Lace Up Fishtail Dress by Sinister! It is one of the more lavish gowns on The Gothic Shop website. The corset styled top adds an instant glamour along with long flowing black organza and red satin skirt. There is the lace up detail at the back of the dress for a perfect fit that will enhance your figure completely. Want to go for that Romantic look this season? Then this is the dress for you! 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Halloween Offer

Get 20% off all Sinister capes, coats and jackets until 31 October 2012. 

More Favourites in Stock

It's been the busiest week of the year so far with Halloween and Whitby Gothic Weekend soon to come.  Also, today we had 3 large deliveries, mostly of restocked items and a few new items. 

The Sinister delivery included some of their beautiful dresses, and also a large selection of gloves, cuffs, handbags and veils, all of which are popular gift ideas at this time of year.

The Hearts & Roses delivery included 3 of their best-selling coats, a lace corset and 2 mini party dresses.

The Dark Star order included gorgeous long gothic skirts, boleros and handbags.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Whitby Weekend Essentials

With less than a week to Whitby Goth Weekend, we decided to put together a little Gothic Shop collection of items you shouldn't be without from Halloween to Bonfire Night.

As Jack Frost is out and about already we recommend you don't leave home without this exquisite Black Courdory Corset Laced  Coat.  Its studded straps and buttons, flared sleeves and corset-style cord lacing down the back ooze pure elegance.

We have been enchanted by this Venda Key Hole Gothic Top by Necessary Evil, it screams she-devil seduction.

You can never go wrong with a pair of Banned skinny black jeans , great for heels or boots which makes for easy day to night tansitions.

A black long-sleeved top is a staple for Gothic festivals as it can be layered with any outfit, our HQ favourite being this Rayon knit double layered top with flared sleeves and medieval cuff for something slightly more stylish.

Don't forget to throw in a pair of leggings just in case you get splashed with booze or caught in the rain.  To fit right into the Halloween theme why not swap back of the cupboard black leggings for these ultra-sleek Banned White Frankenstein & Bride leggings.

As you are out and about a handbag that doubles as a stereo will amaze your fellow revellers if you find yourself wanting a little fresh air.  Check out this Cat with Speaker Eyes (yes we also love a bit of tech).  The eyes themselves are actually working speakers, and are attached to a battery pack unit with universal jack secreted away in the front zip pocket. So once you've popped in your 3 AA sized batteries you can then plug in your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, etc

Finally make a lasting impression until next year with an eye-popping statement dress. Like this beautiful Black Velvet Fishtail Dress by Sinister, sultry black satin ribbon lacing and black mesh over red satin should do the trick.

If you need further inspiration take a look The Gothic Shop Halloween Ideas too!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Favourites Restocked

This week we restocked some old favourites including the Velvet Fitted Gothic Victorian Jacket in burgundy and black, and the Black Jacquard Long Gothic Fitted Coat.  We also restocked the Black Jacquard Satin Mermaid Skirt which is extremely elegant and comfortable to wear.  Most of the items pictured above are available in sizes uk6-30.

Lady Amaranth wears the Romantic Medieval Black Lace Gothic Blouse, Photographer GothX

Leanne James wears the Velvet Fitted Gothic Victorian Jacket.  Nils Bratby of Immortaleye Photography.

Synthetic Doll wears the Black Jacquard Long Gothic Fitted Coat.  Nils Bratby of Immortaleye Photography.

Lady Amaranth wears the Medieval Lace-up Blouse.  GothX.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

More MooMoonZ Halloween Goodies

Today we received more MooMoonZ Halloween-inspired accessories including a selection of hairclips featuring pumpkins, witches, Frankenstein's monster, Jack Skellington and more.  Also a Frankenstein's Bride necklace and green striped earrings.  We love the bold colours of the MoomoonZ accessories including zebra prints and orange & black polkadots, perfect accessories for your Halloween escapades.  Get 15% off your order at The Gothic Shop using coupon code moomoonz, valid until midnight 18 October 2012.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Black Rose Dress

Our customers love the Black Rose Dress which is available in sizes uk8-14.  Several have purchased it for their bridemaids for their gothic weddings.  It's a simple design, yet striking with a pretty black rose print and a black sash to accentuate the waist.  Accessorise with pretty hair roses, cuffs and handbags by Sinister and jewellery by Alchemy Gothic.

New in for Halloween at The Gothic Shop

Halloween is getting very close now! We are merely weeks away. The nights are drawing in and we at The Gothic Shop have been the busiest we have all year! If you are a fan of our Facebook and Twitter pages you will see that we have been inundated with some fab new products all in time for the spooky season! Perfect if you are still sorting out your trick or treating get up for the big day or want to accessorize!

Lace: Get out you Crinolines! This ultra feminine look is an aspect you can add to practically any Gothic outfit, whether it is that delicate lace cuff on your wrists or you want to go all out with your lace outfit. One of the great new additions to The Gothic Shop's collection of Sinister is this very pretty structured top. The detailed front paneling and sleeveless features give the top a corset like look. The flared sleeves in a wonderful lace material make for a very Victoriana, Steampunk piece for your Gothic wardrobe! Perfect with any of The Gothic Shop's range of full satin and lace skirts.

Danika Lace Sleeve Top with Roses by Sinister
Gorgeous Gore: The Gothic Shop have some very subtle (and not so subtle) ways in which you can make you allegiance to the gorey side known! Oh yes whether you chose to pin up your barnet with some zombie  inspired clips or wear the fake zombie wounds, The Gothic Shop have it all! Among the brands that we have newly listed are Kreepsville 666, Hell Bunny and Banned so you will be spoiled for choice! I particularly love these Banned gore-geous leggings:

Green Frankenstein and Bride Black leggings from Banned
How much quirkier can you get? Absolutely stunning with high heels as you totter about collecting all sorts of goodies from unsuspecting neighbours. These leggings are a way to express your love for Frankenstein's Monster and all things on the dark side- a perfect and very on trend accompaniment to your Halloween outfit for the Halloween season!

Skulls: Everyone loves skulls! They are everywhere at the moment, on tops, dresses, accessories, you name it and it will have skulls on it! Even the celebs have gotten into it, we have seen star Cheryl Cole sport a ginormous crystal Alexander McQueen skull ring over the summer. The skull in fashion has been around for a very long time, ever since the days when Rolling Stone Keith Richards first donned his legendary silver ring. Our love affair with all things skeletal has still not died! But when it comes to skulls it doesnt need to be oversized and in your face (although we love that too). Sometimes beauty is really in the details! There are some great pieces of bone inspired clothing and accessories available, check out some of the newly listed accessories on The Gothic Shop website:

Above from Left: White Ribcage Necklace £8.50, Skull on Giraffe Print Bow Ring £5.50, Ivory Conjoint Twins Cameo Necklace by MooMoonz £7.00

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Gift ideas for a lady who loves lace

Above are some gift ideas from The Gothic Shop for a gothic lady who loves lace.  They include lacy gothic gloves, cuffs, chokers and bags by Sinister, black lace bolero and bag by Dark Star and gothic chokers by Dark Elegance Designs.  Whilst choosing your favourite lacy items why not add some beautiful hair roses to your basket and a greetings card by Snugbat. A selection of these gothic gifts are bound to go down a treat with your lady.  There's something so romantic about black lace and I'm sure your gothic lady will be in awe of these gifts as they will undoubtedly complement her existing gothic wardrobe.

Use 15% off coupon code LACE at checkout, valid until midnight GMT 12th October 2012.

Friday, 5 October 2012

East Meets Goth

Oriental influence in Goth clothing has inpired collections created from rich, colorful silks, brocade threads and delicately embroidered items. Eastern styles have been filtering into Goth fashion and increasing over the last few years.
One of the main themes being the Geisha, the geisha has long been a glamorous icon and traditionally trained in fine arts such as singing, playing instruments and dancing.
With Misery of Sound UK Tour, Samhain Pagan Festival, Halloween and Whitby Weekend around the corner go Geisha and embrace the Orient with a little help from The Gothic Shop!

This Oriental-style mini dress kimono by Hell Bunny embraces true Eastern influence. This stunning piece screams style made with luxurious black satin with a modern gothic twist of skulls and delicate filigree. 
We couldn't resist this Red silk overbust corset detailed with the mystical black dragon embroidered lace and taffetta. This beautiful gothic corset has black frill trimming and a black ribbon bow for a more feminine and seductive look.
For a transitional step into autumn try these bold coloured contrasting black Lace and Satin skirts by Dark Star.
We also have a variety of  Hairpins, necklaces, bracelets and watches 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gothic Gift Ideas For Someone Who Loves Purple

It seems that people are shopping for Christmas already!!  Here's some gift ideas for someone who loves purple including a Snugbat card priced at £2.95 and a pretty purple velvet hair rose for £8.50.  Handbags, gloves and chokers by Sinister always make beautiful gifts, as does jewellery by Alchemy and Dark Elegance Designs.  Seeing that I love purple I am offering a 15% discount when you use the coupon code PURPLE at checkout, valid until midnight GMT 4th October 2012.