Monday, 7 September 2015

Lady Macbeth - Embrace of the Grace Top by Punk Rave

As soon as I saw the Embrace of the Grace lace blouse I knew it would go perfectly with my bridal-themed photoshoot. The photoshoot itself was done in one of the most beautiful places near my hometown Bihac in Bosnia. This gorgeous place rests near the marvellous river Una right next to one of our most famous hotels. The scenery is beyond gorgeous and fits perfectly into such a theme. A lot of couples do their wedding photography right here.

This splendid Gothic blouse by the brand Punk Rave is made from soft, high-quality stretch lace. However, they never use cheap "stringy" lace for their designs. They will not thread small rubber pieces through their material which tend to come loose after one wash. This gorgeous material features delicate traces of sparkly, flocked burgundy throughout. These resemble roses! Sadly, this is really tough to capture on images. It has hook fastening at the front and is entirely sheer. Several lace layers are added around the hips to create that beautiful Victorian style! These extra layers do not interfere if you wish to wear a corset over the blouse, they simply rest below the bottom hem of the corset.

One of my most favourite features of this Gothic blouse is found at the back. The upper back part is adorned with five delicate black rose buttons. The sleeves flare at the cuffs creating a very romantic look. It also has a wide, rounded neckline so one can easily add layers of necklaces or a large Victorian choker to finish the perfect, elegant outfit!

Whether you prefer to go all-the-way and wear it with a crinoline and corset or with a simple pencil skirt for a night out, you cannot go wrong with this versatile piece. Its classic elegance and style make it easy to pair with any Gothic piece of clothing. Perfect for weddings, proms, formal occasions and various festivals due to its lightweight material.

La Belle Esprit Necklace by Alchemy Gothic
Veil by Sinister
Black satin underbust corset.

Author & Model: Lady Macbeth
Photographer: Sumea Sjenar Elusive Photoworks