Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Gothic Handbags at The Gothic Shop

I have a very special topic for you today! We all have them, we all love them and truth be told, they are "handy" things to have indeed. Pun intended! :) Handbags are everyday essentials and if you are like me, you love collecting handbags of different styles, colours and sizes! I take a lot with me on an everyday basis; I need to fit notebooks, my tablet, phone and kindle plus various everyday bits and bobs. However, I do not prefer simple black "postal bags" or satchels. I prefer my handbags to make a statement of their own especially since my everyday outfits to Uni are fairly plain.

I have gathered some of my favourite handbags into this blogpost to help you choose the perfect bag for you. Some of my favourites come from Banned, Sinister and Restyle! My absolute favourite has to be Loungefly! Though on the pricier side, they have amazing high-quality bags that will last you well over a few seasons.

Banned is a versatile English brand that makes everything from Gothic dresses to Rockabilly shoes and handbags! They have a lovely collection of Gothic bags as well. The bags are well made and most of them are fairly large and suitable for school, work or everyday use.
"Black Handcuff" bag - large enough to fit all of your gadgets, make up and treats! This awesome piece is made of black canvas and decorated in a "police" style with chains and handcuffs. It features a lot of pockets and a detachable shoulder strap making it perfect for school.
When it comes to dressier bags, for an evening out or a special occasion, you can't go wrong with either the "Black Cross Gothic" handbag or the Red Ivy one. Both are big enough to fit evening occasions and look lovely paired with a beautiful Gothic dress or an edgy leather-combo!

Sinister has become a synonym for Gothic elegance within the alternative fashion scene. Their bags do not differ much from their clothing. Most of the materials used for their production are high quality black velvet and lace. These stunning bags are mostly designed for evening wear, paired with a glamorous Gothic gown or skirt and blouse combination. Their bags have delicate details on them such as small black roses or corset-style lacing. One of their nicest pieces is without a doubt the "Half Moon velvet and lace" bag, adorned with mesh and crochet lace and cut in a half moon shape it makes the perfect Gothic accessory. Whether you are more into lace or bow details, you will find the suitable choice for your evening outfit.

If you are on a budget but still wish to have a lovely bag to stroll around with, you should definitely go with this cool Polish brand! They are very versatile in design and are famous for their cameo handbags! Whether you are more into red roses or cute anime-style portraits, you will find the suitable design. Their cameo handbags are of sturdy construction and fit an amazingly large number of items. They are known for the lovely framed cameo on the front of the bag and have a Victorian twist to them! Recent styles are more of the "messenger" type and are perfect for work and school since they are the perfect shape to fit papers and portable devices. One of my personal favourites is the "O-ring Military" satchel bag, one of their newer designs. It easily holds A4 papers.

Last but not least, my favourite - Loungefly!
These bags are made of high-quality materials, feature exceptional detailing and construction and have some of the most wonderful and unique designs out there. These bags are indeed on the pricier side but I personally prefer to save up and buy a good quality bag which will last me a while rather than spend £10 on something that will fall apart within a month. They use faux-leather for their bags and feature different painted adornments such as sugar skulls or flowers. Some of their designs have embossed details of skulls and bones and feature heavy 3D charms. The bags are of heavy and sturdy construction, these are built to last. Some of their designs such as the "Striped Sugar Skull" bag are more colourful and feature a shoulder strap. Designs such as the "Skull and Flower" or "Skull and Roses" styles are all black and make the perfect companion to any Gothic outfit.

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Author: Lady Macbeth