Friday, 18 September 2015

Autumn Essentials at The Gothic Shop

Although hard to believe, Autumn is right at our front door. This year has flown by and it is time to get warm cardigans and thicker trousers out of the closet. My Autumn attire mostly consists of leggings and short dresses or tunics! I always pair these with a woolly cardigan or light jacket. In early Autumn; however, I prefer shrugs and boleros.  If you are looking for cosy yet fashionable shrugs or boleros or need an elegant one for a special occasion, check out my blogpost on them here.

This blogpost will evolve around trousers, cardigans, leggings and all the good stuff one would need for Autumn. Autumn is undoubtedly my favourite season and I love the cooler weather which allows one to layer clothing.

Leggings - perfect for layering, can be worn under a tunic, short dress, skirt or with a longer blouse, the options are endless. The beginning of Autumn is fairly warm so trousers are not yet a must. The brand Pentagramme has some wonderful corseted designs with unusual "animal skin patches". Whether you are into croc-skin or snake-skin patterns, you will find something for yourself and of course the materials are animal friendly. The English brand Banned have some awesome leggings if you are more into cotton and different prints and symbols. These are perfect for everyday wear. They have released a new line featuring occult symbols and cut-outs. The most famous brand for leggings is Punk Rave and they feature amazing and flamboyant Gothic styles, perfect for Halloween, a night out or simply for looking extra stylish! Though on the pricier side, these are very well made and of great quality!

Trousers - an Autumn essential, comfy yet stylish trousers are a must in every wardrobe. I must admit that I am not a huge fan of trousers since I prefer comfy cotton leggings instead. However, I have a few of these designs and wear them to Uni on colder days. Trousers made by Banned are my favourite! They are very well made and comfortable, have a bit of stretch to them and they have a range of different styles and colours. They recently released a gorgeous line of trousers made of soft cotton material with a flocked cameo design. For all the corset-lacing fans out there, there is a lovely design which features corset lacing along the sides. Punk Rave also make fashionable designs with brocade materials and corset lacing as well as cut-out jeans with an apocalyptic twist!

Knitwear - for those chilly Autumn evenings, woolly cardigans and over-sized jumpers are a must! Perfect for layering over your favourite leggings and tights. Dark Star have a nice range of Gothic tops made from lovely rayon knit, these are semi-sheer and perfect for Autumn since they are not too dense or too tight. They come in various colours. For all of you who love cute prints on plain cotton tops, whether for a casual day out or school, the brand Spiral Direct feature amazing designs with cut-out sleeves, mesh and straps! And they are also very reasonably priced! Punk Rave have more "daring" designs. Their tops have various cut-outs on them, asymmetrical hems, mesh panels and different straps and lacing variations. These are perfect because they can easily be turned into evening wear by just adding a few accessories. If you are looking for simpler options, Banned and Hell Bunny have awesome woolly cardigans which are adorned with lace, cute stitched designs or frills.

Accessories - no outfit is complete without the perfect accessories and mostly these come in handy if you want to stay warm on a chilly Autumn evening. Tights and stockings in different styles and patterns by Pamela Mann are of great quality and they go wonderfully with a cute Gothic skirt or dress. They have an amazing selection making if pretty much impossible to design with ones you will get next ;)  Arm warmers and gloves are always handy, especially if the weather is not too cool and you opt for a t-shirt or tank top. Restyle has cool designs which come at a good price. My favourites must be their long armwarmers with buckles. These are made of soft black cotton and feature 6 buckle straps, perfect for any Gothic or Steampunk outfit. If you need elegant gloves or cuffs for that perfect Gothic outfit, Sinister have a wide range of cuffs, short and long gloves made of velvet, lace and mesh.

What are your Autumn essentials?

Author Lady Macbeth.