Saturday, 18 August 2012

Zombies are not just for Halloween!

Forget Fifty Shades of Grey! It's all about the Gothic, and it's been evolving with so many other aspects of alternative fashion. The gory part of Gothic has come into its own, being more accepted, like that naughty child that has finally been accepted. But we are not bothered about that, choosing to be stylishly alternative means being different and that's what we love about it: The chance to be totally creative with your look. There are many variations that you can play with, Psychobilly, Steampunk and yes Zombie. It's all about the glam gore and beautiful blood! There are no handsome vampires here who will make a neat job of draining you dry! Think a mixture of Rocky Horror with rotting flesh, cleavers out at the ready for Zombies.
For those of you who are coming to this style for the first time there is no place better to start than Kreepsville 666. For all things undead, Kreepsville 666 give you the chance to get in touch with your inner zombie. The great selection at The Gothic Shop make it perfect to be one all year round and not just for Halloween!
Red Tunic Dress with Black Skeleton £29.50
Speaking of 'Inspired', the Kreepsville Skeleton dresses are proving to be a big hit with all of us kids! Made from ultra-figure flattering fabrics, the wearer will be cute, creepy and cool at the same time! The life-like skeleton print on the front of the dress is elegant with every bone in it's right place: Perfect for those with X-Ray vision (and others that wish they had it!)

Are you the kind of gal who wants to shout out about her love for zombies? (And any other beast that should be dead but isn't?) Well Kreepsville 666 has the ultimate answer with their freaky and fabulous range of t-shirts. These gorgeous tops feature not only zombies but also skulls, blood, guts and gore, basically anything you can think of! You will be able to express yourself in true undead style with Kreepsville's range of beautifully illustrated t-shirts and beaters at The Gothic Shop.

Heart Zombie Ladies Beater £19.50
 We all know that Gothic Girls like their bling: so take a look at the Kreepsville 666 collection of axecellent accessories! Something a little different to the normal understated and 'pretty' jewellery found all over the high street. We say 'Why be subtle'? Bright Green and covered in diamante's this fab Zombie necklace will inject some serious gothic glam to your gore! A pretty addition to any night time outfit, or even when worn during the day and make it known where your freaky fashion loyalties lie!

Green Diamante Zombie Necklace  £12.50