Thursday, 30 August 2012

Men In Goth

Swap plain black tees for rock metal style with these bad boys from Spiral Direct or for something slightly more punk rock try these limited edition Barmetal creations.  Dump your worn-out jeans for chain straps, zips and D-ring adorned bondage style trousers (which sneakily convert to shorts with concealed zips on the legs).  Our favourite pick are from Dead Threads which are the perfect wardrobe must-have for the morning after the night before.
This time of year, as the weather transitions slowly toward Autumn, the timeless black coat makes a fast comeback to everday attire. There’s something sexy about a trench coat. Maybe it’s the historical shape, or the military affiliations, or the straps and buckles.  Whatever it is, its just carnal. It’s hard for a guy to look bad in a well designed fitted coat.  

This  Twill black highwayman full length coat by Necessary Evil is one of my favorites because it’s fully lined, has a  hood and gives a  slim overall shape and will obviously keep you warm (the practical bit) .  With Whitby Weekend, Halloween and colder nights all creeping in  its time to create your own unique style.

So get your Goth on with a little help from us here at  The Gothic Shop