Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sinister Winter 2015 - Part 1 - Jazmin - Lady Macbeth

The Newest Sinister 2015 Collection- Part 1

Just when you think they couldn’t get any better, the creative minds behind Sinister from Holland come up with amazing new designs that made this Goth's heart skip a beat. I was lucky enough to receive some of the new designs to take product images for The Gothic Shop as well as gorgeous concepts for Sinister which will be shot later this year! These dresses, outfits and accessories are too gorgeous not to be incorporated into a spooky setting and dramatic photographical concept. I already have some amazing ideas for them so keep an eye out on my page this Winter :)

But back to the collection! I would like to mention 3 outfits that are currently available at The Gothic Shop (amongst other items from this and past collections). If there is something you like over at Sinister's official page, you can pre-order it from The Gothic Shop directly. Sinister's sizes now range from XS to 6X. Their new collection has been introduced this September and not all of the items have been published on their page, so keep an eye out for sneak peeks of what's to come.

Sinister's clothing is mostly made from high quality velvet and lace and they didn't disappoint neither this year. I would even say they took it a step further because most of the dresses have longer skirts and sleeves, some of them have a real medieval feel to them! One of these is the Jazmin dress which happens to be my favourite dress from the new range. It reminds me of witches during the medieval times, it is an awesome piece to wear to a Renaissance fair if you are into those.  The sleeves are super long, longer than in any other Sinister dress I've seen including the Philomena. It has a sweetheart neckline and the sleeves and hem are trimmed in brocade.

Model and Author: Lady Macbeth
Photographer: Sumea Sjenar