Friday, 3 August 2012

The Gothic Shop at the Movies!

Just what is it about Gothic fashion that is so appealing to the Film Industry? Basically everything! For a start it’s mysterious, individual and unique. Think of Kate Beckinsale’s fantastic corseted outfits in the Underworld movies: Fitted and figure fabulous- you can’t go wrong! But there’s so much more, it’s about elves, goblins, vampires, werewolves the list is endless- whatever fantastical beasts and beings Hollywood can dream up there will be a Gothic style that fits it!

Those of us who rock the Gothic look are some of the most creative people around, we have a fashion licence to look fabulous and stand out. No we are not talking about a crowd of Marilyn Manson lookalikey’s. Gothic glam is just that- it’s ultra-glamorous! Whether it’s Gothic with elements of Steampunk, Cyber Punks, Neo Punks, Rockabilly, one has total artistic license. Teaming that lavish alternative ballgown with a utility belt, or neon hued skull jewellery- it can be fantastically quirky and most importantly very dramatic: These characteristics all make Gothic style a perfect one to be used in the movies!

Hollywood has had a love affair with the Gothic since forever: Donny Darko, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, TimBurton’s The Corpse Bride along with a Nightmare Before Christmas, the Twilight and HellBoy movies are all-time Gothic greats! And the dark love affair shows no signs of ever fading. One example of this is the well-known fairy tale given a new lease of life in Snow White and the Huntsman. With Kristen Stewart in the leading role, the movie also stars Charlize Theron as the evil queen. Despite Theron’s golden locks and winning LA smile, she manages to pull off the role of a darkly disturbed queen very well. We see her in Corsets, Long flowing gothic outfits, severely spiked crowns: Everything is fitted and figure flattering and she epitomises the dastardly evil queen perfectly!

Both Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart worked Black Goth-inspired evening gowns to the premier of the movie in London’s Leicester Square: Kristen wore a sheer and black lace number with the beginnings of a train designed by Marchesa. Charlize wore a black and very sheer Christian Dior gown so obviously inspired by the beautifully grotesque! Both dresses are a sign that the big name designer houses are sitting up and paying attention to Gothic fashion.

On the small screen you can find inspiration for your wardrobe from the more modern neo- gothic Vampire Diaries and True Blood. One will notice a modern twist to the Victorian Goth look- however there are still very strong accents of the dark there. Lustful vampires wearing skin tight leather and getting up to all sorts of sexual Shenanigans is definitely a different take on Gothic fashion- But just as exciting!

There is no denying the fact that the TV and film industry are constantly experimenting with fashions ‘dark side’. Alternative style as a result has been given more than its fifteen minutes of fame; we look forwards to seeing the evolution of Gothic fashion on the big screen...

Guest Post By Hema Rishi