Saturday, 15 December 2012

Alchemy Gothic Necklaces & Chokers - Part 3

Part 3 showing more splendid Alchemy Gothic necklaces and pendants available at The Gothic Shop.

P577 Bestia Regalis
P580 Elementary Crux Angelicus
P583 Garden of Dark Desires
P584 Vpir
P585 Death of the Heart
P587 St Cyr's Delight
P589 The Last Caress
P590 Lisbeth's Kiss
P591 Venetial Mask of Death
P593 The Wastern Choker
P595 Ruthven Cross
P597 Om Strygia
P598 Kiss the Night
P599 Lucrezia's Poison Locket
P600 La Nuit
P601 Libra Negra Locket
P618 Osborne's Cross

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