Saturday, 24 November 2012

Dragons at The Gothic Shop

Mythical beasts with magical powers seem to have been around since the dawn of time itself. The legends of old tell us about scaled dragon-like creatures who plagued local villages killing many an innocent. These huge serpent like animals that inhabited mysterious caves, coming out only to cause misery and mayhem!

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But did they ever truly exist and roam the lands getting up to all sorts of mischief, holding damsels to ransom?  Were there really sacrifices made to appease their raging appetites for human flesh and blood? Stories of these terrifying beasts and their antics are found in practically every culture all over the world: From the one hundred-headed sleepless serpent of ancient Greece who guarded the Golden Fleece to the Dragon of the Chinese zodiac, a beast that has always represented benevolence, wisdom and power.
Western European cultures have all too often depicted dragons as harbingers of evil and malice, winged and fire breathing beasts that are capable of wreaking great havoc over towns and cities. Until some hero would come along and slay the dragon- think the world famous legend of St George and the Dragon! So revered was he for slaying the terrible dragon that he became the patron saint of England!

Although these creatures have long been linked to the dark side they have also some very positive traits, for example they are loyal to their masters and will protect them to the death! Dragons have long been known to be guardians of their treasure no matter what it be: Who wouldn't want a faithful and powerful beast to protect them from their enemies? 

Coeur Sauvage Dragon Necklace by Alchemy Gothic 

With all this it's no surprise that our love for them has lasted through the ages: It's as strong now as it has ever been. Is it their sheer power? Their magical qualities? Their mischievous nature? How would you react if you happened to accidently cross the path of an angered dragon? Whatever you choose to believe there is no reason that you cannot bring Dragons into your everyday life! Along with all the magic and the mythology that they are so connected with!   

Imperial Dragon Gothic Watch 
The dragons discovered at The Gothic Shop are created to be just as individual as you are. Each of the creatures are perfectly formed, with each scale and tooth exquisitely made. We stock a range of Alchemy Gothic and Spiral Direct. Whether you are after a dragon earring to perch comfortably on one side encouraging you to do carry out bad deeds, or that very distinctive dragon statement pendant. The Gothic Shop have a huge variety of Gothic Dragons for you! Whichever one you choose be prepared: For who knows what chaos your magical beast will cause!