Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Alchemy Gothic Necklaces & Chokers - Part 2

Following on from our previous blog, here are more Alchemy Gothic chokers and necklaces available at The Gothic Shop.

Click on the links below to find the item on the website. We do restock frequently so if your favourite item is out of stock please check again in a few days.

P602 Betrayal Cross
P605 Poison Ivy
P607 Sucre Vert Absinthe Spoon
P608 Coffin Drop Cameo
P609 Diamond Heart
P610 Black Romance
P627 St Johns Crystalbone Cross
P628 Caput Aves
P630 Bed of Blood Roses
P632 Jack's Tally
P633 Death's Head Butterfly Choker  

Click here to find the entire collection of Alchemy Gothic that is currently in stock.  All items are dispatched within 24 hours on weekdays.