Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Whitby Weekend Essentials

With less than a week to Whitby Goth Weekend, we decided to put together a little Gothic Shop collection of items you shouldn't be without from Halloween to Bonfire Night.

As Jack Frost is out and about already we recommend you don't leave home without this exquisite Black Courdory Corset Laced  Coat.  Its studded straps and buttons, flared sleeves and corset-style cord lacing down the back ooze pure elegance.

We have been enchanted by this Venda Key Hole Gothic Top by Necessary Evil, it screams she-devil seduction.

You can never go wrong with a pair of Banned skinny black jeans , great for heels or boots which makes for easy day to night tansitions.

A black long-sleeved top is a staple for Gothic festivals as it can be layered with any outfit, our HQ favourite being this Rayon knit double layered top with flared sleeves and medieval cuff for something slightly more stylish.

Don't forget to throw in a pair of leggings just in case you get splashed with booze or caught in the rain.  To fit right into the Halloween theme why not swap back of the cupboard black leggings for these ultra-sleek Banned White Frankenstein & Bride leggings.

As you are out and about a handbag that doubles as a stereo will amaze your fellow revellers if you find yourself wanting a little fresh air.  Check out this Cat with Speaker Eyes (yes we also love a bit of tech).  The eyes themselves are actually working speakers, and are attached to a battery pack unit with universal jack secreted away in the front zip pocket. So once you've popped in your 3 AA sized batteries you can then plug in your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, etc

Finally make a lasting impression until next year with an eye-popping statement dress. Like this beautiful Black Velvet Fishtail Dress by Sinister, sultry black satin ribbon lacing and black mesh over red satin should do the trick.

If you need further inspiration take a look The Gothic Shop Halloween Ideas too!