Saturday, 27 October 2012

Grab onto your Ghoulies with Sexy Gothic at Halloween!

One of the best things about the Gothic style is that it is just so alluring unlike a lot of fashion (Cringes at the thought of over sized t-shirts on waif-like figures in fashion magazines.) The Gothic Shop caters for girls and guys of all sizes, looks fabulous and especially sexy- we are talking curve enhancing corsets and tailoring to suit you. 

Only days away from the 31st of October or All Hallows Eve, there couldn't be a better time to show off your seriously sexy style! With some of the most figure flattering items, The Gothic Shop's effortlessly elegant clothing and accessories are just what you need to truly express your spooky but very sensual side this Halloween!   

Victoriana: One of the hottest alternative styles around at the moment, Gothic Steam punk is officially very on trend for this Halloween! There's nothing more sensational than a top hat inspired fascinator worn with lavish Victorian inspired gown! Why not mix it up with a little bit of zombie and biker chic thrown in for good measure? There you have the perfect recipe for the most individual style around. One of the newest additions to The Gothic Shop website is this Black Slash long sleeve bolero with Ribbon Lacing. The instantly recognizable Victorian influence this lace edged jacket is perfect to spruce up that corset. It's a little bit Victoriana, a little bit rock and a whole lot of cool! One of the many decadent Steam punk pieces available. 

Black Sash Longsleeve Bolero with Ribbon Lacing £29.50
Military Style: There are some trends that easily cross the boundaries between mainstream and alternative fashion because they are just so cool! That military look is one such style-it is even more popular with the rise of vintage 1940's fashion too so satisfies all the categories. It couldn't be easier to bring soldier style to your Gothic outfit this Halloween with this military look coat available at The Gothic Shop: 

Black Cotton Fitted Military Coat with Brocade Trim £39.95

There are many army style coats on the market this season, but finding the right one can be tricky. So many are clumpy and may not give you the fit that you are after. However the Black Cotton Fitted Military Coat with Brocade trim is the perfect balance of elegance with all things army. Wear with absolutely any Halloween costume on the 31st of October- this coat will see you well into the deepest darkest months beyond All Hallows Eve. On top of the pretty Nehru collar, attractive embroidered military buttons and the flared out bottom half, there is also the lace up back feature. Tighten or loosen to your requirements, you are sure to get the most flattering fit ever.   

Red Satin Ribbon Lace Up Fishtail Dress by Sinister £87.50
Full on sexy: You just can't get better than the Red Satin Ribbon Lace Up Fishtail Dress by Sinister! It is one of the more lavish gowns on The Gothic Shop website. The corset styled top adds an instant glamour along with long flowing black organza and red satin skirt. There is the lace up detail at the back of the dress for a perfect fit that will enhance your figure completely. Want to go for that Romantic look this season? Then this is the dress for you!