Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Skirts by Chic Star from The Gothic Shop

Autumn is finally here and it is time to get those long, elegant Gothic skirts out of the closet. I am not talking about lightweight, flowy skirts which are suitable for Summer but about stylish Gothic skirts which inevitably makes us step back in time, if even for a while. Chic Star is a versatile brand which features Gothic designs for ladies who wish to clad themselves in aristocratic and elegant attire, suitable for anyone in sizes uk8-30. If you are a working lady and need some classic yet elegant items to add to your Corp-Goth attire, you won't go wrong with this brand.

Chic Star has some of the most gorgeous Gothic skirts around and they specialise in mermaid/fishtail-style skirts made from different materials and adorned with corset-style lacing or ruffles and lace frills! The mermaid design resembles the tail of a mermaid. The skirts are tight down to the knees and then flow in a full circle to the ground. One might call these "Morticia" skirts since it was the preferred style of this much-loved Gothic character.

Black Jacquard Mermaid Fishtail Corseted Skirt - this is one of my personal favourites! It is made from black jacquard and flows wonderfully in a full circle from the knees down. It has corset-style lacing at the back. This style goes wonderfully with either a Gothic blouse or corset. Perfect for special occasions without overdoing it. The same style in plain black can also be purchased in the shop.

Black Stretch Flared Gothic Skirt - if you are looking for something simple yet elegant and eye-catching this would be your perfect choice. This skirt is made from black stretchy material (86% polyester and 14% spandex) for the perfect fit!  It is a classic fishtail skirt which goes with everything!

Long Black Corseted Fishtail Mermaid Gothic Skirt - I personally love high-waisted skirts as they go wonderfully with Victorian or Gothic blouses and are very flattering to any figure. This particular style comes in black and grey options and has corset lacing at the front.

Pinstripe Fishtail Skirt with Ribbon Lacing - for all the pinstripe lovers out there, this is a special piece which looks as if it were designed for all the Corp-Goth ladies out there! This long pinstripe skirt is detailed with buckles, eyelets, little black buttons at the centre front, ribbon lacing and black piping.

Chic Star also has other options if you are not a fan of the fishtail skirt. There are even certain designs that Steampunk fans will love such as the "Steampunk Long Black Corseted Gothic Skirt" and "Three Way Lace-up Black Satin Skirt".  Both skirts are filled with different details such as corset lacing, buttons and different layers of material.  Both styles are also adjustable so you basically get more skirts in one.
If you are more into midi-length skirts, there are several options as well.  Some of my personal favourites are the "Evie Double Button Pencil Skirt" and the "Black Pencil Skirt with Lace". Both pieces feature buttons and frills and go wonderfully with business-style blazers and jackets.

Author: Lady Macbeth.