Saturday, 4 January 2014

Alt Fashion 2013 - UK Site

Thank you to everyone who nominated us as one of the best UK Sites in the Alt Fashion 2013 Poll.  We first won the vote in 2009 which was a wonderful surprise as our first daughter was born that year and I ran the business on my own (I even worked until the day before our daughter was born!!).  My partner Neil joined me in 2011 when our second daughter was born.  As you can imagine, it has been a hectic few years and many of you know that we work all hours, often surprising customers by replying to emails after midnight!  No rest for the wicked!!  We would love to win again.  If you'd like us to win, please vote here.  Thank you to everyone who has nominated and voted for us, every vote is appreciated.  And also thank you to all our customers who continue to support our business, some have been buying from us since the start in 2006!