Friday, 17 January 2014

Structured Gothic for you!

With all those rich foods and goodies, it's only natural that many of us have put on a few extra pounds over the last couple of months. Getting back in shape is a goal that we will often promise ourselves to do in the first months of the new year. This is not the case for all of us however: On the other hand perhaps you have found yourself with a very feminine new figure?

Well even if your resolution doesn't involve going to the gym five times a week - The Gothic Shop has some of the most figure flattering and structured pieces for true glamour.  It's these that will enable you to make the most of what you have, keeping you gorgeous for 2014! Here are just a few examples from the sumptuous new selection on offer at The Gothic Shop:

Winona Lace Gothic Top by RQBL
The right top will get you through almost anything! It's versatile, in most cases can be worn with anything. The Winona Lace Gothic Top by RQBL is the perfect example of this! There are so many aspects that make this one of the chicest shirts around. The lace panels with the black silken sections make this blouse super stylish. It's high neck complete with removable ruffles are uber elegant too. However one of the many real attractions is the lace up fastening. Just tighten up a little for the most enviable hourglass figure! A cute and very decadent dark top ideal for any time of the year.

Mistress Black Cotton and Lace Corseted Longsleeve Blouse 
The Mistress Black Cotton and Lace corseted longsleeve blouse is Gothic at it's very core. The ruffles are in all the right places too when it comes to shape. The long ruffled sleeves exude the feminine Victorian aesthetic. Each of the seams are tailored to create an enviable structure. The corseted lace up back means that with a little adjustment, you can have a silhouette to die for. Lace ruffles at the bottom add a chic feel to the curvy waist line. Even if you don't have the most lady-like figure, you can bet that you will when wearing this top.

Ribbon Lacing Black Velvet Underbust Corset by Sinister

One of the many lovely things about an underbust is that it's flexible when it comes to style. Wear it with a shirt or a classy evening top, it looks fab with everything. It also gives anyone that most desired of slimming effects, the right underbust can really make or break an outfit! The Ribbon Lacing Black Velvet Corset is one of the most flattering around. The velvet makes it ideal for any evening do or whenever you want to feel special! The ribbons are extra log and make the most wonderful bows when tied up. This underbust corset is a must for your wardrobe! 

Whether it's a brand new work wardrobe that you are after or something special for those decadent nights out- find that most flattering fit with The Gothic Shop!