Friday, 6 December 2013

It's All About the Eyes

We all know the saying ' the eyes are the window into our soul'. Our eyes are very complicated and amazing constantly transmitting information and emotions. So with that in mind you might consider contact lenses as a 'black out' blind to the soul, a dramatic accessory that will create a truly striking effect in the world around you.

Captivate all with XtremeEyez edgy contact lenses which include a Total Black Out Lense which covers the iris for a rather intimidating result or a Cyber Robot lense for a futuristic feel which features metallic silver and red mesh in the middle.

There is certainly something for everyone, be it the classic Vampire eye which is hypnotic and sinister all rolled into one or these werewolf wild glowing eyes of the night conjuring up images of beasts hunting their prey.

If you prefer something a little more psychotic then spirals or webs should do the trick, while Horror movie fans are in for a treat as there are an exciting range of lenses including Harry Potter and Twilight.

There are different life span options of the contact lenses as long as they are kept in solution:
1 Day - £8.95 per pair
1 Month - £12.95 per pair
3 Months - £15.95 per pair
12 months - £21.95 per pair

We also carry Alchemy Gothic contact lenses which include a bewitching Skull, Poison Spider, Blood Shot and, Vampire Moon graphics which once opened last for 12 months only £19.95 each.