Saturday, 14 December 2013

Chic Chokers at The Gothic Shop

If there is one piece of jewellery that is essential for your jewellery box- it's the Choker! These versatile pieces of body adornment will see you from the dark winter months right through to the long summer days. What is it about them that is so special? The wide ranges that they are available in means that there is a choker style that will suit any shape. They do a magnificent job of highlighting the neck areas while looking fabulous. They are snug to wear too, unlike the longer flapper necklaces that are available, the choker is designed to hold tightly to the neck. Timeless and classical in their appeal, the choker is a style of necklace that will never be unfashionable.

Looking for the right chic choker to accent your seasonal outfit? The Gothic Shop have a superb array of those tightly fitted necklaces ready to wear. Here are just a few from the collection!

Black metal Venetian choker and tiara
To say that the Black Metal Venetian Choker is elegant is a total understatement! Everything about it is decadent including the finer details. The links are almost invisible making this chain look as if it's floating. This piece is versatile enough to be worn with anything, and doubles up as a tiara too! A statement piece all in itself, you will certainly wow any audience wearing this very classy piece. Look closely and the sparkly rhinestones will only add class to the overall effect. This is dressy drama at it's best for any season, team this with a sleeveless gown and bring effortless chic for that winter soiree.

Black Dahlia Black Lace Choker by Alchemy Gothic 
Team the traditional black choker with a touch of the alternative and one will have the Black Dahlia Lace Choker by Alchemy Gothic. This delicate but statement piece comes complete with crocheted and skull details as well as the big Dahlia flower at the centre. Hanging beads with silver skulls just finish off this lovely neck piece. Use it to dress up the more mundane of everyday outfits, alternatively this is the ultimate statement piece for that club! A darkly decadent piece that works beautifully with any special occasional gown as well as toned down Gothic outfit.

Leather Fleur De Lys Posture Collar by Prong. Modelled by Dark Morte 
There certainly is something about the posture collar that finishes off a look completely. The Leather Fleur De Lys Posture Collar by Prong is no exception. This piece of posture wear really does add all things elegant to any outfit. Like the other chokers at The Gothic Shop, this piece is ultra-dramatic. The details on this neck piece are truly exquisite, from the double Fleur De Lys studs to the blood red rhinestones and pearl droplets. The giant faceted Onyx stone set in a silver filigree setting brings this choker to life! It's adjustable fastening means that it will fit most sizes of neck. The perfect piece to finish off that Gothic prom dress.

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