Monday, 17 April 2017

Witchy Goth - Summertime Capsule Collection

The last thing you want to bother with in the summer is a complicated wardrobe. It’s hot, it’s stuffy and you can’t wait for the night to fall so you can actually breathe and step out without feeling like you’re on fire.

While we can’t take away the summer heat, we can at least cover you in the wardrobe department. This capsule collection for a witchy goth is just what you need to survive the summer, be it a walk in the daylight with your parasol and large hat, or a night time stroll through your favourite haunts.

The pieces we used:
Queen Of Spades Laced Back Gothic Top
Witchcraft Long Black Gothic Coat Dress
Witchery Long Black Summer Gothic Dress
Long Gothic Dress With Pentagram
Venus Long Black Velvet Maxi Dress
Pixie Punk Knit Hoodie
Belladonna High Low Black Lace Corset Skirt
Kitsune Black Net Witchy Skirt
Lydia Black Lace Drape Dress
Syren Song Gothic Top