Sunday, 19 February 2017

Nine with Nine - Romantic Goth Capsule Collection

Last month we created a Nu Goth capsule collection, and this month we are continuing the idea.
We've created the essential Romantic Goth collection. Nine pieces for nine outfits to read Poe, or take long romantic walks around ancient graveyards in.

We've kept it clean and simple, but played around with jewellery and accessories a bit. You can take our idea and run wild with it, adding different coloured tights, leggins, or experimenting with high heels for a more polished, or some docs for a more weird chick look.

The pieces we used are these:
Velvet 2 Style Black Gothic Jacket 
Helena Burgundy Taffeta Underbust Corset
BURGUNDY-RED Velvet Fitted Victorian Gothic Jacket
Opium Wine Red Gothic Skirt
Dead Souls Elegance Cross Gothic Dress
Black Rose Lace Blouse
Her Secret World Long Gothic Dress
Rogue Baroque Trousers
Black Butterfly Top Dress