Sunday, 20 November 2016

Home is where the dark is - Gothic Gift Ideas

It's getting colder outside, and darker, and much much gloomier. We can't really say we disapprove of this kind of weather. There is something about strolls through the mists that calls to the poetic side of us, and we are forever in love with mornings so icy they take one's breath away.

But what makes us appreciate this kind of weather even more is having a warm nest to retreat to when the rains get a bit too cold and the mists a little to clingy.

Angelic and ethereal, this little nest is all warmth and hidden secrets. It doesn't matter if you are a white witch or the summoner of angels, you are bound to feel warm and loved, and just a little bit otherworldly.

And if you crave something darker and just happen to be a fan of Poe, why not decorate your lair and yourself with ravens?  Some warm candle light and a few portentuous birds, what more could a dark soul want?

If you are, however, of a more romantic bent,  ornate frames and a rose motif might be just right for you. This combination wouldn't look out of place in any victorian boudoir, or gothic heroine's room.  Of course, a fan is something no proper romantic lady should be without, ,so we added our latest find.

And sometimes you just want to spend the day in bed. We've got you covered. Witchy linen with a black kitty just  calls for a day spent lounging in bed. A rose shaped tea-light holder will provide the right romantic atmosphere, and two ornate and unusual mirrors are there just in case you need to whisper a secret spell.