Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Universal Monsters

It’s Halloween! And when for those like us, every day is Halloween, it can be a bit tough coming up with something extra special on that day.  So this year, we drew our inspiration from the classic Universal Monsters- Dr Frankenstein, Dracula, Phantom of the Opera and the Wolfman, all in female versions. We had a ball with this, and hope you’ll be inspired too!

We’re kicking it off with Dr. Frankenstein. We didn’t want to go full Victorian for this, but instead opted for a mix of Victoriana, steampunk and a post-apocalyptic coat to provide just that fine line of genius and madness. Tease your hair up for an extra shocking effect. The white streak in it, is optional, and only if you are a fan of the Bride of Frankenstein!

Is there a more classical monster than Dracula? Even though there were numerous female vampires throughout time, we decided that a female version of Dracula is exactly what our Halloween needs. Instead of a red lined cloak, she is wearing a red dress, and her jewellery reflects her nature, and is a subtle hint to the origin of her name.

We’ll be honest here, we have a soft spot for The Phantom of the Opera. Maybe it’s because he is the only one with a musical (and what a perfect Halloween soundtrack it is), or his choice of evil lair, or that intriguing half-mask that he wears… who knows? All we know is that dressing up as the Phantom makes for one fairly simple, and very, very effective costume, especially if you forgo the plastic mask and instead just paint a part of your face ghostly white!

The Wolman is probably the comfiest costume we came up with for this Halloween. The original Wolman wore tattered shirt and trousers in the old black and white Horror movie, but we replaced that with their modern versions. Toss on some wolf-style makeup and tease your hair into a wild yet cute mess, and you’re good to go!

Do you have any special costumes prepared for Halloween featuring our Gothic Shop stock? We’d love to see them! Don’t forget you can see all the sets in detail on our Polyvore Page!