Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Of Lace and Tight-lacing

When we think of tight-lacing, we think of allure, of an hourglass figure, of times past and ladies’ boudoirs. We think of seduction, and maybe a hint of danger. All this seduction and femininity applies to lace as well.
It is no wonder then that we decided to combine and celebrate the two in this blog, and play around with the idea of a very ladylike femme fatale.

Black Lace

We were simply blown away with this Black lace corset dress and had to feature it in our first set as it combines all we love in one neat package. We accessorized with an elaborate necklace and earrings, and added a simple yet elegant ring and of course, a lace fan.

Purple Brocade

There is something incredibly seductive about the colour purple. We paired this purple brocade corset with a lace and mesh skirt and mesh gloves for a lady that hides and reveals at the same time.

Taffeta Whisper

The Taffeta Whisper is what we love about old school Goth: The sleek, Morticia-inspired silhouette, the suggestive lace, and the tight, figure-enhancing corset. It’s definitely our kind of sexy!

Our last set, Thrill of Frill is inspired by Steampunk. The mermaid skirt and the black corset with the brass detailing just beg for steampunk style jewellery. Of course, we added a large frilled parasol which doubles as an umbrella, because a proper steampunk lady wouldn’t be caught dead without it!

Which of these sets is your favourite? Don’t forget you can see them all on our Polyvore too!