Sunday, 12 June 2016

Dark Faiytales

This time we give our own twist to old fairy tales! *
Dark Fairytales- Little Black Riding Hood

We never really liked the story of Little Red Riding Hood, of how easily she was led astray by a wolf (even though the wolf in the original story was just another nickname for an overly charming man), but we did like the idea of straying off the beaten path. So we made the Little Black Riding Hood, and gave her a forest in which to hunt all the bad wolves who prey on innocent travellers.   

We gave her a corset to keep her safe, and trousers to make it easier to move, but kept the cloak, this time in the form of a hooded coat/dress

Dark Fairytales- Sleeping Beauty

Our Sleeping Beauty does, indeed, spend her days in a deep, deep slumber, but awaking her from her rest before nightfall could prove to be fatal to the hopeful prince. Perhaps it’s best he waits until nightfall, when she will wake on her own. 

We gave her bat inspired jewellery and a long, flowing gown, and if you look carefully, you’ll see we paid homage to the original story with the rose on her gloves.

Dark Fairytales- The Beauty is the Beast

And on the full moon night, our Beauty is the Beast, as she runs through the forest, first on two feet and then on all fours, and if you listen carefully, you’ll hear her howl echo through the forest. But don’t be scared, she’ll be back to her lovely self once morning comes.  

Our Beauty needs little aside from a cloak and a light dress, but as she worships the moon, we added moon themed jewellery.

Dark Fairytales- Fatal Mermaid
Our Fatal Mermaid prefers to keep her lovely singing voice, and instead of following a prince decides to call the prince to come to her. Her embrace may be cold, but her heart and love burn hot, and if the prince survives her affections, she’ll shower him with gifts from long sunken treasure barges.
Her skirt and necklace hint at her strange nature, and the halterneck top is just what she needs to swim freely.

*Every now and again they find the ancient and dark origin of yet another fairy tale, they learn that they are much older than we first thought, or that the message within is not what we thought it was, that they have been washed of their dark pasts. We, for one, prefer the old stories. They have more of a bite to them, and the heroines within tend to be much, much more interesting.  So we decided to celebrate the darker side of fairy tales and came up with our own twist that may, or may not be very far from the truth.