Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Cool Collars in time for Autumn at The Gothic Shop...

You may have felt the chill in the air over the longer nights, Halloween is just a couple of weeks away! The darkest time of the year is here and it couldn't be more exciting when it comes to fashion. Yes, it will mean that we will need to cover up a little more to keep ourselves warm. However, how you choose to do this is another matter entirely. Forget the chunky woollen scarves and bobble hats-Do you love the more alternative ways of staying warm in the winter months? If style and the practical is important to you then an elegant collar could be the accessory of the season. The Gothic Shop have some chic new arrivals that are newly listed, take your pick of the most darkly decadent and flattering collars around right here... 

Tulle and Lace Neck Corset Collar with Cross by Sinister. 
Corset collars are some of the most flattering accessories ever. Not only will they bring about a sense of a longer neck, but also add to the decolletage in a way that jewellery just can't. Think of it as a mix between corset and jewellery for your upper body. This elegant piece from Sinister is new in at The Gothic Shop and is no exception to the rule. There is a gorgeous under layer of a deep scarlet along with ruffles of tulle material in a mysterious black. To finish it off, find a detailed edging at the top and base with sweet diamante cross. If it is 'chic' you want to do, this is a must have to see you through the next few months and beyond!

Lace Neck Corset Collar by Sinister 
Lace is a traditional material that can be found in the most feminine of fashion accessories. For years we knew it as a sweet and quaint addition to our lives! But this decorative lacy material takes on all things stylish in this collar. Here, the larger lace piece extends well beyond the collar itself to spread over the shoulders and upper body. It's almost shrug-like in it's look and makes a wonderful charge from the light cardigan. Although new, there is a sense of the vintage in the look, a great item for the retro fashion fans out there too. This lovely piece can easily be worn over any corset or bodice styled top. Why not team it up with a plain t-shirt to bring a unique elegance to your everyday look? Easy to wear too, with easy-to-do effortless chic you will certainly turn heads.

Pleated Organza Neck Collar by Sinister 
Many times it's the ornate details in a piece that can really make it stand out- the Pleated Organza Neck Collar from Sinister is the perfect example. It's collar fits snugly around the neck and could almost feel jewel-like. On this piece that is beautifully refined, there is a 'choker' or 'necklace' like quality about the collar. A cute mix of materials work well too, everything from the precise pleats to the lush organza set against a black lace detail at the centre. All in all, a flattering accessory that will always evoke a real sense of alternative chic even when added to the everyday wardrobe.

When it comes to unique autumnal accessorising, there is plenty to choose from at The Gothic Shop.