Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Fascinator Fashion at The Gothic Shop

Skull and Vintage Roses Steampunk Fascinator by RQ-BL
Picking out the right outfit is all well and good, but getting the perfect mane can be a whole different matter. Traditional locks can be curled as well as straightened, worn up or left loose. One's hairdo has the power to make or break any outfit, and this is where accessories can help get the look right. When looking for something different, a fascinator could be just what's needed!

These hair accessories have been around for ages. Some of the most incredible hat-like creations will be spotted at Royal Ascot. Other more demure designs can be found as stylish accents to wedding outfits. In all cases, the fascinator is a great addition. Taking a look at the more traditional designs, they are a step away from the more casual headband or hair scarf. Another great aspect is that a fascinator can be as ornate as you'd like it to be. Pin or clip it into a bun or with a side pony tail for glamour unlike any other.

Skull and Vintage Roses Steampunk Fascinator by RQ-BL
When one thinks of Steampunk, it's the more delicate details that often come to mind. The intricate but strong watch movements, brass and copper findings as well as sturdy leather and metal buckles. It's these finer elements that can be found in a steampunk headpiece too. Netted ruffles mixed with feathers and black roses make this one of the most decadent pieces around. The Skull and Vintage Roses Steampunk Fascinator is a dressy piece to turn heads at any chic social do.

Skull and Roses Fascinator by RQ-BL
Looking for something to make a real impact when it comes to your hair? Nothing says 'Statement' like skulls! RQ-BL have the ideal piece to scream about- a large silver tone skull ornately decorated with dark diamantes placed on a luxurious velveteen setting. The whole piece is attached securely to the hair with two crocodile clips, so you wont have to worry about it staying in place! Wear this piece from RQ-BL as part of your darkly decadent style this season.  

Bird Cage Red Rose Fascinator by RQ-BL, modeled by Hazel Butler or Aadenian Ink, author of Gothic novel 'Chasing Azreal'
Birdcages can be some of the most ornate structures ever made, so why not wear one in one's hair? Here Authoress Hazel Butler models the Bird Cage Red Rose fascinator from RQ-BL. With silky black feathers, brass tone metals and red roses, it's the stunning mix of nature and steampunk make this piece stand out beautifully. A great party piece or for those eclectic and unique ensembles. 

The Gothic Shop have a fabulous range of hair accessories for you to choose from, so getting that glam chignon or decorated ponytail couldn't be easier!  Get 15% off your order placed between 4:30pm GMT 18th and midnight GMT 19th May 2014 using coupon code hat15.