Saturday, 26 April 2014

Gothic Cakes

If there's a cause for celebration, why not celebrate with cake - beautiful gothic-inspired cake!  I absolutely love the familiar colours of gothic influenced cakes: the deep red and purple flowers, velvety black roses, gothic victorian cameos finished off with shimmering pearls and the intricate pattern of the lace.

Peony and Cake Lace Gothic Cake by Debbie of Cornelli
This time last year I hadn't baked a cake or cupcake since I was a teen - a long time ago!!  But as I have two little girls who love cakes and pretty things, I decided, as a complete novice, to sign up for a few cake decorating classes at Cornelli Sugarcraft Specialist in Wendover, Buckinghamshire.  These included Buttercream Cupcakes Techniques, Beginner's Flowers, Halloween Cupcakes and Christmas Cupcakes & Cookies.

Black Rose and Purple Petunia Gothic Cake by Debbie of Cornelli

Initially I pondered about doing classes for months as I felt I didn't have enough experience to join one. However Debbie, the owner of Cornelli, convinced me otherwise and made me feel most welcome.  I thoroughly enjoyed the classes taught by Debbie and Tara.  There are 6-10 students in each lesson, which are friendly and informal.  I know that nowadays we can learn alot from Youtube, but watching videos doesn't compare to having someone onhand if you're battling to frill a carnation petal or dust a rose.  Also I had absolutely no tools at the time and I didn't have a clue what sugarpaste and flowerpaste were.  It's also a great opportunity to get out and meet others with a cake predilection!  I felt totally at ease and I was extremely impressed with my own creations!  They were certainly not perfect, but far better than I thought they would be when I started. I have loved teaching my little girls how to decorate cupcakes too, which has become our favourite past-time on a rainy Sunday afternoon :)

Gothic Corset Cake decorated by Debbie of Cornelli Sugarcraft Specialist using Cake Lace.

Above is the Gothic Corset Cake decorated by Debbie of Cornelli.  I made the black lace using the Claire Bowman Peacock Lace Mat and Black Cake Lace, both of which were kindly provided by Cake Lace for the collaboration.  I then provided the moral support whilst Debbie decorated this beautiful cake using the lace, Beau Flowerpaste and Katy Sue bow and cameo moulds.  This beautiful cake is currently displayed in the window of Cornellis.

Photographed below are some of the cakes and cupcakes that I've decorated, some bright and cheerful for my girls and others goth influenced.

 Black Rose, Purple Petunia and Cake Lace Butterfly Gothic Cake

Petunia and Butterfly Cupcakes

Vintage Cupcakes

Floral and Sweeties Cupcakes made on a rainy afternoon

Bumblebee and Ladybird Cupcakes, tutorial by SweetArt Lab.

Hello Kitty Cake for my daughter's 4th Birthday