Sunday, 13 October 2013

Top shoes at the Gothic shop

Getting the shoes right is all important when planning ones outfit- that's a given. But finding the right darkly decadent Gothic shoe is not always an easy task. The traditional black shoe can come practically in any guise: from the humble black court shoe with kitten heel to the dangerously razor sharp heeled pair. Then there is everything inbetween! The right pair of shoe in terms of Gothic can be about the finer details on the shoe. The small but effective aspects that will make your shoes stand out and be noticed. There is never a better time to pick out that truly awesome pair of shoes! Here are just a few that are more than worth considering at The Gothic Shop:

Isabella D' Este Black Suede Gothic Shoes by Hades 

A stunning example of a shoe design is the Isabella D' Este Black Suede shoe by Hades. Suede had a delicate as well as elegant feel about it, there's nothing like the velvet feel against ones fingertips. It is luxurious in nature. So no decadent shoe would be complete without this soft textured surface. Studs are scattered about the front toe of the shoe along with a subtle trim along the edge. But just take a look at the gorgeous jewelled heel! Not only is the shape an very eloquent one but it is also made up of a series of cut out metal links to make it precious. But that's not all: The ankle is secured with a laced up suede cuff, this shoe is truly that Victorian Gothic style at it's best!

Black Crow Gothic shoes with Spinal heels by Hades 
The high shine finish on these shoes make them unique. The patent leather of the shoe is combined with the chrome finish of the heel and sole of the shoe. The design of which is a one off! A moulding that you will simply not find on any other pair of shoes. The shoe is kept firmly in place with a sturdy 'X' ankle strap so your shoes can literally be put through their paces each and every day! Everything from the eyelets to the flames on the buckle bring details to this shoe. Note that there is also extended back support at the top of the heel too.

Triton Black Gothic shoes with spine heel by Hades 
For a tough Gothic style, look no further than the Triton shoe from Hades. At first glance everything about this shoe is dangerous but in the best most stylish way! The gun metal grey of the out sole and the 5 inch heel make this even more so. But again like in the Isabella D' Este design, this shoe is all about the fine detailing. The slim heel boasts an alluring spine-like metallic design. Then there are the filigree patterns on the buckle of the ankle strap. Most of all the platform part of the shoe has a series of bullet-like spikes that make this design stand tall! It's sleek and very sexy- a must have for any wardrobe!