Thursday, 27 June 2013

Goth Guys Summer Gear

What’s this ball of fire we see? Rays beaming through the windows? We were surprised we didn't burn up into ashes when it touched our skin!  With summer finally making an appearance, we feel it’s time to plan what we should be wearing out and about this season.

For a Goth guy, it can be tricky to dress for the season,  black is our wardrobe staple mainly because it goes with everything and represents traditional goth style.  Black is also very versatile so will never let you down as you can easily mix and match with any item in your existing wardrobe.

We have selected a few outfits for alternate inspiration:

It’s summer, so lighten up!  Check out this fitted Air Guitar t-shirt by Spiral Direct which would look awesome with a pair Black Convertible Trousers Shorts or just a pair of regular shorts for that sweltering summer's day and sundowners on the beach.

Friends coming fetch you and you still have no idea what to wear,  try this Skull print black cotton shirt and a pair of stylish black trousers, we dig this pair detailed with a pentagram, adjustable buckle straps, chrome zips, detachable chain straps and D-rings for the perfect ensemble for a night out on the town as you don't want to get too hot sporting too many layers.

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