Sunday, 21 April 2013

Gothic Essentials

Goths tend to stick to the same trusty old faithfuls: lots of black tights, black coats, long skirts, short skirts, boots, and all the bits in between.  But when you're switching from one plain black item to the next, its the timeless pieces that pull every Goth's wardrobe together on a daily basis.  So here at The Gothic Shop we have decided to throw in a twist on those forever goth clothes to give you an instant update:

A Beautiful Long Dress
Creating an effortless silhouette and impressive fit, this style of dress shows you mean serious Goth business. When keeping it simple, you can go large on the accessories; chokers, gloves, cuffs, belts and lace-ups are an absolute must!

The Forever Faithful  petticoat 
If there is one thing you can always rely on it's the perfect petticoat to create fullness and add elegance to every dress and skirt you own! A petticoat will never let you down and allows you to give the impression of a smaller waist and a lustful bosom.

The Lace Effect
Lace has gone luxe and can be worked into every Gothic outfit.  A slim fitting blouse teamed with a corset or on its own with a black skirt conjures up images of rich, seductive women of the 16th century. Create your own style with this opulent fabric to give your look a lift.

The Mini Dress 
Let's not kid ourselves when it comes to dresses,  we all have to agree that a mini dress has the wow factor. It's our ultimate lifeline when it comes to warmer weather! 

The Tailored Jacket
With skirts, jeans, leggings or tights, nothing gives a more polished look than a tailored jacket. A slimming single-breasted jacket with detailed buttons or corset style back will go with everything.

All Items featured in the image are available for purchase below:

Sinister Chandra Black Satin Dress

Danika Lace Top 

Layered Fishtail Skirt

Lace Victorian Blouse

Black Biker Shirt Dress

Black Ribbon Lacing Dress

Tailored Corduroy Corset Lace Up Coat

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