Friday, 15 March 2013

Gothic and The Fetish

What is a 'fetish'? and why do so many people get confused between Gothic and those who indulge in their fetishes? Are the two in fact the same thing?

Firstly we must establish what a fetish actually is. It is loosely defined as the 'worshipping of an inanimate object or of an action'. These objects or 'rituals' could have a magical quality or in so many cases a 'sexual' power. Whatever it is, this is what will make it valuable. Top fetishes include flat tummies and thigh high lace up boots. Studies into fetishes show that men in particular reportedly love the feel of latex, vinyl and rubber on their partners.
Feet and hands also feature on the main fetish list, many people will not take things further with a potential partner if they don't have groomed feet. One of the most obvious ones is the 'domination' fetish. The feeling of being controlled and punished. The image of a stern teacher-like dominatrix dressed in tight fitted PVC corset, fishnets and heels brandishing a riding crop springs to mind.

Alternative Black PVC Underbust Gothic Waspie 

But what has all this got to do with the Gothic lifestyle you maybe asking? There is no doubt about it, the Gothic 'look' has long been strongly associated with the world of sexual fetishes. It's been so long that so many people confuse the two as the same thing. Does this drive you a bit crazy? Are you fed up of people asking you what your 'fetish' is? After all Gothic is a lifestyle and not just about sex right? But maybe there is a tinsy winsy part of you that might like the idea of being a kinkster?

Black is the colour: Traditionally Black has been associated with all things Gothic. It's what women first wore during Victorian times while in mourning. Nuns also wore mainly black habits. Thought of by some to express a non-sexual existence without temptation.  Perhaps this is why both Gothic and fetish lovers adore it?  Black is no longer associated with resistance to all evils! Rubber outfits and accessories are available in all colours, but black latex has a particular allure to it. There is the mourning aspect to black but also the dark sumptuous side too. We can't help but love it!  

Leather and Latex: This is where there is a real cross over between the two worlds. It's the look of either fabrics that gives a Gothic feel to any outfit. But this is the same for people who want a fetish inspired outfit. While everyone loves their leather jackets and latex tops. Fans of the fabric fetish will wear theirs because they adore the look as well as the smell even of them.

Talking about the Tactile: As well as looking sumptuously sexy, many Goth fans will tell you that 'touch' is so important too. This is something that this lifestyle has in common with the fetish types. Most of us love the feel of things, velvet, silken pillows. Whether it is running your fingers over the ruffles of a lacey cuff, or the feel of a silky smooth corset. A fetish really could be a simple of a complicated as the desires of each individual. If you love rocking the Gothic as well as your material fetish then you have the best of both worlds instantly.