Friday, 6 October 2017

Happy Halloween - The Perfect Halloween Outfit

It's every Goths favourite time of the year - Halloween is approaching!

We are all very excited and love to see the world a little spookier and a little scarier, but in a good way.  Of course, it's time to plan our perfect Halloween outfit, and since we are horribly indecisive about it, we made several versions, and decided to share them with you!

The first one is a sweet little Succubus, just because we feel like being flirty and wicked and having tons of fun! That's why this set has a bondage style top, wicked horns and a distressed looking mini skirt. Of course, a hooded jacket is needed to make that perfect dramatic entrance!

Of course, no Halloween is complete without a proper Witch costume! Even though half of our closet looks like it belongs to a witch, Halloween is the perfect excuse to go over the top and be a little silly, but still look stunning! The slit gown is sure to turn some heads, and we added only a pair of bat shaped earrings as accessories. The moon purse is there so you have some place to keep your essential makeup.

A delicate and ethereal Ghost is always a good choice, and a great excuse to wear one of our favourite dresses ever, the Ophelie, especially paired with some beautiful Alchemy Gothic jewellery.
A black gown for a black veiled Skeletal Bride.  We love playing around with makeup, and this is a perfect chance to try out our skeleton look!

What's Halloween without a Vampire? We reached again for the incredibly flattering and comfortable Ophelie corset dress, and are using our brand new Manic Panic makeup and Alchemy Gothic jewellery to create that perfect Vampire Queen look.
 Ah the ethereal, the tormented, the damned... Fallen Angel. With a ballet inspired dress that flows with every step and thorn-shaped jewellery, you're ready to break hearts and tempt mortals to their downfall!

We decided to test our makeup skills again, this time choosing the Scarecrow as our costume. With a tattered top, a dramatic ragged skirt and crow shaped necklaces by Pendulous Threads and Curiology, all that's left is to find the perfect spooky makeup tutorial!
But sometimes we just want to go for a more relaxed look, so what better way than with a Pirate costume? And while every other pirate out there will be wearing brown and tan, we stay true and go with black and purple with dramatic jewellery!

We left our Zombie costume for last. The witchery dress we fell in love with this summer was made autumn-friendly with this eclectic cardigan, and we completed the look with green and purple makeup and lipstick, and a voodoo doll necklace.
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