Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Burleska and the art of decadence

Is there anything more decadent and rich than waterfalls of lace and tulle?

We decided to indulge our racier Victorian side this month and dived deep into Burleska's amazing and opulent designs. With brocade corsets and taffeta and lace dresses, Burleska is a dream come true for all romantic goths. 

We're sharing four outfit ideas with you, chock-full of our favourite romantic goodies for those special summer nights!

Morgana Corset, Gabriella Skirt, Hat and Gloves.
Ophelie Dress, Ring, Hairpiece and Necklace.
Ophelie Dress, Jewellery, Bag and Fan.
Valentina Jacket, Crown, Fan, Ring and Necklace