Friday, 19 August 2016

Creepy and cute

If there is something we goths love, it's pairing creepy and cute together.  Maybe it's because we grew up with Beetlejuice and Tim Burton, maybe it’s because spiders and bats are just so darn adorable (and maybe it's our latest shop addition- Atomic Lace jewellery), but either way, there is always some room for a cute detail or two in our wardrobe.

This time we went all out, dug through our Gothic Shop closet and pulled out our cutest pieces of clothing and jewellery, and created four outfits for you to squee over (we know we did)!

We’re all Batty for this combo of a frilled blouse and one of our eternal favourites- the cathedral skirt. We matched it with a cute bat necklace and a very frilly purse for a bit of a loligoth feel.

Our second outfit, Buggy, features dragonfly hair clips and necklace, and a very perkygoth outfit of corset and distressed miniskirt. All you need now are some pony falls! 

 The Cursed is what we imagine a very cute city witch would wear. We paired the lightly frilled top and damask trousers with some modern style occult jewellery for that New Witch vibe.  

And of course, we left the Creep for last. A purple tartan skirt and a frankencardi with green detailing are just the perfect thing for all of you horror-movie fans out there.  Of course we have a green necklace and spider earrings to match!

What are your favourite creepy cuties?

Remember you can see all our sets on our polyvore site too!