Saturday, 23 April 2016

Cat Creatures

My kitten walks on velvet feet
and makes no sound at all
and in the doorway nightly sits
to watch the darkness fall…

No other animal has such a strange place in our culture as does the cat. We have never dedicated as many works of art to another animal as we have the cat. It is at times a symbol of the supernatural, of the demonic and the sinister, at others a symbol of grace and elegance and a piece of wilderness sharing our homes, and yet at other times it is a playful, sweet companion, something innocent and cute. And in all their incarnations they have been linked to women, be they faithful protectors of the homestead, or burned alongside them on the stake for crimes  imaginary and unspeakable.

We decided to make The Cat our first theme for these new styling blogs, and took our inspiration from the cats ever changing nature.

The cats, they say, were once worshipped as gods, and it is something they never forgot. The Cat Goddess takes its inspiration from the ancient civilisation and their deep and loving connection to their feline companions.  We updated the dress to a more modern version, but kept the Ankh. Of course, this look is incomplete without a heavy eyeliner.

The Cat Goddess

The crazy cat lady loves her kitties loud and proud! This cute and whimsical is still stylish and just the right amount of playful without being childish or making you look a bit too much like a cartoon character. The bag, though, is what ties the entire outfit together

Cat People opts for a bit more toned down version of the crazy cat lady.  You may not be able to take your kitty to work, but there is nothing to say that a few cat-themed details would be out of place in an office setting.

No witch is complete without her Black cat! This deliciously dark set is just one pointy hat away from getting you declared the town witch, but if you ask us, every good town needs a witch or five, just to make sure. 

The Black Cat

How do you feel about cats? Are they just cute little goofs, or supernatural companions?  Get 15% off your next order placed before the end of April 2016 with coupon code KITTY15.