Monday, 9 November 2015

Her Secret World Dress - Elisanth - Zatsepin Alex

A gorgeous set of photographs of Elisanth by Zatsepin Alex.
Her Secret World Dress is a two-piece dress by Punk Rave.  First is a long, black spaghetti strap gothic dress made of stretchy soft fabric. It is very comfortable and light weight with a low back with lacing.  It can be worn on its own but it is a little see-through.  Second is an elegant longsleeve dress, made of beautiful black lace with low back, lace motifs across the chest and on the cuffs, and rose shaped black buttons down the centre back.  The back is longer, elegantly trailing on the floor and there is a little bustle at the centre back.

Funeral For A Paramour Necklace by Alchemy Gothic.
Bloodheart Rose Choker by Alchemy Gothic.