Saturday, 15 September 2012

Veil of Visions at the Gothic Shop

The nights have turned cooler, the darker hours are stretching out longer before us- yes as you may have already gathered the spooky season is almost upon us. Now we know you love being ghoulishly gothic  all year round and this changes nothing! But there is something undeniably extra special in the air as we reach Halloween.

Going trick or treating on the big night? Sorted out your chilling costume yet or are you still searching for your perfect ghoulish get up? There is so much to chose from at The Gothic Shop when it comes to Halloween fashion, especially this year! With brands on the website like Kreepsville 666 and Hell Bunny we are totally spoilt for choice. One particular favorite of mine is the zombie style, I love how guts and gore are really on trend when it comes to all things living dead- a big thumbs up if you are going zombie for Halloween night!
Staying on the theme of death and the undead, one cannot cast aside the good old fashioned gothic look! Combined with Victoriana, Steampunk and all things unnatural you can't beat this look for a real old world glamour and a sensual elegance!

The Gothic Shop have a spookily superb collection of Gothic clothing and accessories especially tailored for your Halloween outfit. There is so much to choose from and it has been a guilty pleasure of mine this week to salivate over some of the new acquisitions on the Gothic Shop website!

Veil of Visions Burgundy Velvet Lace and Rose Gothic Mourning Hat£39.95  
I adore the new range of accessories from Veil of Visions at The Gothic Shop and have fallen head over heels in love with the burgundy velvet mourning hat. A completely stylish addition to any Halloween outfit, it's stunning with it's black net trimmings and Gothic rose detail. It's tied to your head with elegant side ribbons which fasten under the chin. Need to mourn? Then why not do it in true Victorian Gothic style?

There is something so alluring about that stranger in a mask, and that sensual secret lies behind the intricate facade. You too can remain as femininely anonymous as possible and look super stylish at the same time! Check out the Veil of Visions Butterfly Temptations Red Victorian Style Mask. Tied at the back with pretty ribbons, this mask is adjustable and will fit all sizes and shapes of face. The design of the mask will delicately frame your features encouraging mystery and curiosity wherever you choose to be on Halloween!

Veil of Visions Butterfly Temptations Red Victorian Style mask £28.50
Want to show your fashion allegiances in a more subtle way? You can do that with the Dark Kiss Vampire Teeth Choker. It's dainty enough to be worn all the time, during the day as well as for those spooky evening shenanigans! Tied at the back of the neck with a ribbon, this piece is a fantastic way for all lovers of the dark side to make that elegant Gothic statement each day!

Dark Kiss Vampire Teeth Choker £5.95